Did you know that today is National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day? That has to be, hands down, the most random holiday ever. Like… EVER. If your neighbors do celebrate such a strange day, well, we have a whole bunch of recipes for that. Now, onto much more important things… like foot hammocks, socks that look like shirts and window pants.

1. FUUT Hammock: Umm, this is a hammock for your feet. As someone who lacks length in the legs department, I could totally use an absurd contraption like this under my desk!

2. But Seriously, Let’s Make Out ($65): Whoa pillow, I didn’t know you were so forward ;)

3. Intimacy Under the Wires: This vibrant, intimate series is all about the colors and stories that are contained in something as everyday as a clothesline.

4. Alphabet Blocks ($72): How gorgeous are these blocks? Designed with little ones in mind, we think grown-ups would actually love playing with these more than kiddos. They’d also make for fun interchangeable signage on a bookshelf or even at a wedding.

5. Stuff Named New Stuff: +1 to Butt Table, on the fence about Window Pants. But I do like the idea of a window walking around.

6. Arrow Gift Tags, Set of 4 ($15): Naturally, these gift tags make great… gift tags. In addition to that, use them as cupcake toppers, ornaments or even as pendants.

7. Zoku Iced Coffee Maker ($30): Turn piping hot coffee into iced coffee in a matter of minutes? Sign us up.

8. Tutti Frutti Photo Series: This stunning photo series by Sarah Hillenberger takes fruits and veggies and totally transforms them. That carrot lipstick is actually pretty in style right now!

9. Socks That Look Like Shirts: Why not?

10. Universal Wooden Caddy ($38): As we get into Back to School season, getting our desks and office organized is definitely top of mind. This sleek caddy can help you do just that, and keep you stylish as well!

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