Good morning friendzzzz! We’re up and at ’em this morning, kicking off a weekend filled with maker madness here in San Francisco. No idea what we’re talking about? Re:Make SF, of course! Can’t make it to the Bay this weekend, aka right NOW? Then head to the B+C Shop where you can shop dozens of Re:Make artisans online. Woot, woot! Now, onto the BritList :)

1. The DuckTales Theme Song… with Real Ducks: Just press play and listen. It’s beautiful.

2. Chloe Foldover Wristlet ($215): Let’s call this an end of summer splurge? The end of summer totally counts as a reason to treat yourself to a statement piece like this.

3. Fart Code: With a goal of educating kids about what they’re eating, this cheeky (pun most definitely intended) app lets you scan foods to see what all is in them… and how stinky the airy results might be.

4. 3D Printed Earthquake Data: What does a visualization specialist do after he experiences an earthquake? If he’s Doug McCune, you decide to turn the 2D data from the USGS into a 3D printed model. So cool.

5. I Like You ($5): We really, really like you.

6. Gorgeous Aerial Photos by Bernhard Lang: We love the colors and patterns in this summery scene.

7. Beatballs: Finally, meat balls that taste like songs. Wait, WHAT?! As the inventors describe, “Through a combination of programming, design, and just the right amount of absurdity, we have developed a code that converts music into taste. More specifically, a code that translates music into different recipes for meatballs, allowing you — for the first time in history — to find out how ”Gangnam Style”, ”Bohemian Rhapsody” and ”Beat It” could taste.” So… there’s that.

8. Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes Kit ($34): Cupcakes in ice cream cones are cute, and organic, all-natural ones that you make yourself are even better. This kit’s got everything you need to make a dozen of the most adorable cupcakes ever.

9. Snakeskin Brickwork: How cool is this brick pattern? We’d love to see a similar interpretation of houndstooth, plaid or leopard print.

10. ICYMI, Turkey Perry Edition: In case you missed it, Brit + Co pup Turkey Temple makes a grrrreat Katy Perry / Cleopatra.

Happy Friday!