Oh hello, I didn’t see you there. We’re launching into another weekend here at Brit HQ, and still recovering from the epicness of Re:Make 2013. This week saw us launch our brand new Pets category with none other than a pets costume contest (#HalloWOOF!), and next week we’ve got even more surprises in store for you. But first, time to enjoy your weekly dose of silly.

1. Brides Throwing Cats: And instantly, a new favorite microblog is born. A photoshop genius has replaced bouquets with cats, and wedding photos will be forever changed.

2. Kids as Fashion Icons: Pretty much obsessed with this photo/DIY series by Jordan Ferney over at Oh Happy Day. How tough does that pint size Anna Wintour look?

3. Skull in the Family: A perfect project for Halloween, this creative series revolves around a skeleton as part of the family.

4. Duffins: What on earth is a duffin? Only the next hybrid pastry to take the world by storm. Described as “yet another pastry for the indecisive,” duffins are donut-muffin hybrids filled with jelly, topped with glaze, but made like a muffin.

5. Hamster Halloween Costumes: Somehow we missed this find on last week’s creepy Etsy roundup. Happy Halloween little hamster!

6. Penguin + Critter Masks: Speaking of little critters, why not dress up as one for Halloween? Penguins do mate for life, you know.

7. Painted Floor Runner: How gorgeous is this painted floor? Actually, everything about this space is pretty dreamy.

8. Notification Memo: Um, these are definitely our new favorite post-it notes. Available in 1-9, they mimic smartphone notifications, and are just as visually annoying!

9. DIY Paper Dogs: Sick of seeing “no dogs allowed” signs at all of your favorite bars. First of all, you need to find new bars. Secondly, you can obviously print your dog’s face on a piece of card stock and bring them around. Duh!

10. REALFACE T-Shirts: Dubbed “Glamouflage,” these t-shirts were designed to combat Facebook’s automatic face-tagging feature by putting celebrities all over the shirts.

11. Panda Coat: Remember the awesomeness of Griz Coat? It’s a coat in the form of a bear. Well now, pandas are getting some love! This next Griz product is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. Fund it!

And that’s all folks! Happy Friday, and remember to share your favorite links with us in the form or comments below.