As you know, it’s creep week here at Brit +Co. How could we do our due diligence on creepiness without diving into the deep dark depths of Etsy? What we found was terrifying, uncomfortable, and just straight up weird. For example, who knew the soap category could be so terribly dark? Apologies in advance for what you’re about to see – much of it cannot be unseen.

1. Cat Mermaid Costume ($32): We’ll start off with one of our tamer finds. This gorgeous knit piece is just what the doctor ordered. Mer-cat!

2. Finger Hair Clip with Black Nail ($13): At a loss for a work-appropriate Halloween accessory?

3. Candy Corn Eyelash Jewelry ($25): Because your love of candy corns can only be expressed through your lashes.

4. Insect Lollipops ($11): They’re creepy, they’re crawly, they’re insects in your mouth!

5. Unicorn Sweatband for Bike Helmets ($26): But… helmets don’t sweat.

6. Jellyfish Hat ($28): Speaking of really cool useful headwear… ;)

7. Brain Beanie ($80): If you aren’t sure about your brains being purple, this smart head-topper comes in hot pink and emerald green as well!

8. Denture Goat’s Milk Soap ($5): For the first creepy soap on this list, dentures!

9. Custom Pet Wig ($35): Part Tina Turner, part Iggy Pop, and a whole lot of style, this custom pet wig is a must for your fashionable fido.

10. Blond Severed Head with Pool of Blood ($28): The title kind of says it all with this one. Think about this: Someone hand-stitched this.

11. Vintage Doll Head Mask Garland ($16): Eyeless doll heads on a string – just what your powder room needs!

12. Baby Head Salt and Pepper Shakers ($32): Baby… shakers? This is just wrong.

13. Candy Corn Dog Hat ($20): Boom! It’s a candy corn hat, and we bet you can wear it too!

14. Rip Van Winkle Knit Beard ($500): Speaking of creative knitwear, this endless beard is… endless.

15. Handsoap ($16): You’ve probably seen these before. So uncomfortable.

16. Candy Corn Nose Warmer ($11): Oh wait, you don’t need to wear that candy corn dog hat after all!

17. “Helping Hands” ($10): The name of this pendant will stay with us forever.

18. Trivial Pursuit Baby Doll Stick ($20): What the F is a doll stick?

19. Taxidermy Rabbit Head with Toy Body ($50): A rabbit head on a toy body – finally!

20. Magnetic Jewelry Hanger ($11): But could you DIY it?

21. Anatomical Heart Truffle Pops ($2): We thought our petit fours were creepy. We were wrong.

22. Finger Soaps ($6): Rub a dub dub.

23. Gold Dipped Deer Tooth Studs (sold out!): WHO BOUGHT THESE? Show yourself!

24. Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Head ($95): Don’t worry, it’s faux.

25. Super Creepy Flower Crown ($8): Bloody flowers, a tiny baby, and a spider? Score!

26. Baby Ring ($6): Show the world just how creepy you are with this ring.

27. Dollhead Votives ($13): Don’t have time to carve a pumpkin for your Halloween tablescape?

28. Blood Drip Choker ($15): See? Chokers are still relevant.

29. Custom Charm Necklace with YOUR TOOTH ($35): For real. Send your teeth to this Etsy seller and you’ll have your very own custom charm necklace.

30. Doll Planter ($20): Last, a doll planter. Duh.

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen on Etsy? Share a link to it in the form or comments below.