How’s that Halloween hangover treating you? Whether you’re battling a night of too much sugar or too much booze, we feel for you. That’s why we’re getting straight to the point this morning. Go BritList, go!

1. People Running for the Bus in Slow Motion: This amazing video by the folks at The Bold Italic captures those desperate moments when people find themselves throwing coffee cups on the ground, beating people up, and losing their laptops just to get to the bus on time. In fact, maybe you experienced this this morning?

2. The Stussy Section on Urban Outfitters: In case you were ever on the fence about whether or not the ’90s are actually back, may I present exhibit A: AN ENTIRE STUSSY SECTION on the Urban Outfitters website.

3. Giving Tree Sticky Notes ($11): How adorable are these? They would definitely add a bit of cheer to any workspace.

4. I Can Has UberKITTENS: In a completely genius PR move, Uber celebrated National Cat Day by teaming up with ICanHazCheezburger to deliver kittens to people in San Francisco, New York, and Seattle for 15 minutes of cuddling for $20. Oh, and cupcakes! Well done Uber, well done.

5. Fart-Filtering Underwear: We have no idea how this underwear works, but the fact that it exists is enough to make us look. Hey Shreddies, feel free to send us samples! :)

6. A $500 DIY Cabin: This gorgeous cabin was created for just $500, primarily using repurposed windows from an abandoned barn. So beautiful.

7. PolaRoll ($26): It’s a toilet paper holder that looks like a Polaroid camera. Done and done.

8. Glowing Drawable Apparel: Guess how the designs on this shirt were created? With a light pen on what looks like a regular old t-shirt! How crazy is that? The design disappears after 5 minutes, giving it an ephemeral quality perfect for festival wear.

9. Disney Princesses Drawn as Miley Cyrus: Now this is just… wrong.

10. LED Tank Top: Okay, we really need to try making some light-up clothing here at Brit HQ! This tutorial is fairly easy to follow and the results are jaw-dropping.

11. Funky Buddha No Crusts PB&J Beer: We thought we’d seen peanut butter and jelly in every form possible, but now it comes in beer form too!

12. Hey Ryan Gosling Earrings ($16): Oh hey earlobe, hey there.

Bonus! Mumford & Sons Hopeless Wanderer: This video has been out for almost three months now, and we still love it. I happened to show it to a few coworkers this week and they hadn’t seen it yet! So, we’re adding it as a semi-throwback bonus to today’s BritList. Call it a solid Halloween hangover remedy – it will definitely make you laugh out loud.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the form or comments below.