We’re wrapping up another week of hacks, cocktails, and the Twitter Dress here at Brit + Co, and we’re counting down the days until Thanksgiving! But before that, we’ve got a lot more goodies to prep you for your feast, and a list of silliness to make you giggle on this rainy Friday.

1. Whooz Vinyl Cord Decals: Are you a multi-phone multi-computer household? It can be hard to keep track of which charger belongs to you, your roommate, your husband, or your son… unless you have these adorable decals. We specially love the Britney one.

2. Two Tone Balloons: These balloons would definitely take our LED and confetti Brit Kits to the next level.

3. Girl Meets World: That’s right folks. Topanga and Cory are BACK and this time it’s their daughter meeting the world. And yes, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are slated to revisit their sweetheart roles.

4. Manmade Rainbows: You know we love color and definitely love us a double rainbow, but what happens when the magic of a rainbow is taken into the hands of an artist? It’s still really awesome, but does lack that certain little something that happens when the rain and the sun collide.

5. Shot Flask: It’s a flask… and a portable shot glass? Or the best drinking invention ever? Or both?! We love it.

6. Hand Turbine Battery Pack: Add this one to the backup charger list for sure!

7. Animal’s Anonymous Exit Poll: Love this Election Day project. A photographer captured exit poll data using colored pieces of paper and photos instead of the traditional ask.

8. The Dark One: Of course Design Milk has a curated channel on Society 6! For our second storm trooper Britlist mention, we’re loving this Star Wars-inspired case.

9. Faux Fur Trim Mittens: Baby, it’s getting cold outside! Love these cuddly little buddies.

10. Chocolate Keychain Camera: And finally, a camera that looks like chocolate and fits on your keychain. Obviously.

And that’s all for now! Until next Friday :)

If you’ve stumbled across any goodness we should include on the BritList, leave us a link in the comments below.