You’ve already simplified your closet and your accessories, and even made your smartphone smarter, so it makes sense that you’re ready to tackle your home appliances too. While smart homes used to be the stuff science fiction stories were made of, they’re very much becoming a reality. Say hello to Cube, the ultimate streamlined approach to managing your home.

Developed by German design group Family of Hearts, it’s unbelievably simple: You turn, lift or tilt the cube to control everything in your home, from appliances and lighting to your music system. This little box promises to help you run your home more efficiently and cohesively, all from the palm of your hand.

For example, you can adjust the temperature from the couch by simply twisting the cube upwards or downwards. The device then responds to the nearest appliance it has been synced with. You can use it more discreetly than, say, your smartphone.

Imagine you’re throwing a cocktail party, and you need to turn down the music. Instead of fiddling with a wall control or even your phone, you can just flick your wrist to turn down the volume, making for a seamless change without disrupting your conversation. Pretty cool, right? The device is forthcoming soon, so sign up for alerts to be one of the first to own a home of the future!

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