This Creative + Colorful Beard Duo Should Be Every Man’s Style Inspo
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This Creative + Colorful Beard Duo Should Be Every Man’s Style Inspo

Beards have long been statement pieces for a man’s face, and recently facial hair has created even more of a moment for guys due to various trends that have gone down in the beard-styling sphere. We’ve seen colored beards for the summer and beard baubles for the holidays pop up on men’s radars, with flower beards remaining an ever-lasting face-cessory ideal for any season. There’s even the guy who places/attaches/ties everything to his beard. Now, there’s two bearded bros that combine all of those trends and throw even more creativity onto their faces, providing plenty of inspo + eye candy along the way.

Johnathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti (the one with the white streak), together known as The Gay Beards, are 25-year-old Portland-based BFFs that document their most creative outlet: their beards. Since they both are in creative fields — Johnathan’s a musician + Brian’s an artist — it really comes as no surprise that they’re showcasing their talents with such a unique medium through their Instagram account, which features beards accessorized with everything from flowers, glitter, flags, feathers, paint, vegetables and so much more to sharing beard care routines, tips + tricks and even comedy sketch videos on their YouTube channel. Clearly these guys can never get enough of their beards (and neither can we, TBH).

While you would think something like beard art would be something you would blatantly set out to do, the bearded boys told Groomed Man that it started out a little differently. “One day in July of 2014 we were sitting on the couch, feeling anxiously creative, and we thought, why not go take a picture of our beards? We went off exploring, took a couple photos for our newly created Instagram and the rest truly was history. You could say it just felt right.” We know we’re glad they stumbled upon something that just felt right, because the facial art not only provides us major inspo to send to our man, but it also gives us ideas for the tops of our heads. Seriously, why not throw some veggies, butterflies and straws into our locks?!

Just like with any artist, you love all your work, but there are definitely certain pieces or supplies that you love working with or looking at more than others. The Gay Beards shared with Mic: “Flower beards usually take the cake for being our favorite style of beard to put together, but even having to deal with the mess, glitter beards are always our favorite reason to have a good chuckle.” We’d pick those two as our faves too, boys. Thanks for all the creative facial work + never shave those beards off! Ever!

Do you think your man could rock a colorfully decorated beard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

(h/t Mic, photos via @thegaybeards)