When it comes to beauty in its varied shapes, sizes, forms, spaces and mediums, Moj Mahdara aims to reign as queen of it all. As the CEO of Beautycon Media — which includes Beautycon Festival, Beautycon Digital and one of the OG subscription boxes, Beautycon Box — to say her plate is full would be an understatement. This not-so-typical CEO is the definition of female empowerment and believes that in order to be truly successful, you have fail big, fail fast and keep going. Luckily for us, that’s not the only advice she’s dishing out. Read on for Moj’s take on beauty, career and living your most creative life.

B+C: Beautycon Media. Give us the details. What are all the pieces that make up the whole?

MM: Beautycon Media is built around three platforms: Beautycon Festivals, Beautycon Digital and the Beautycon Box. We’re really focused on Beautycon Media as an integrated brand. We look at other brands, like ESPN or Disney or even Brit + Co, brands that have commerce, products, experiences and content.

B+C: You talk about beauty from the inside out; what’s your advice for millennials?

MM: Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, who you can learn from. Nothing is going to come easy: You always have to be on point and ready to go out and get what you want. Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail.

B+C: How do you practice this mantra in your own day-to-day?

MM: Every day I am meeting powerful executives across the entertainment and media landscape. In every meeting I soak up everything and treat every opportunity as an experience to learn from others.

B+C: How can young professionals put this mantra into practice? Is it a start-slow or a jump-right-in process?

MM: It’s a balance of jumping right in but knowing that it is also a slow process. You can’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come to you. You need to jump in and make it happen but also need to have a sense of balance and wait for the proper opportunity and then step in.

B+C: What strengths do you think millennials bring to the workplace and how can millennials excel in their careers?

MM: Networking and communication skills — they know how to utilize a variety of communication channels to keep everyone and themselves apprised of what is going on around them. Millennials are very innovative and use what they have in an effective way, tech-savvy, adaptable — they almost have to be in this ever-changing world

B+C: You’re an inspiring creative living in the tech world. How do you think creativity supports the tech space?

MM: Technology allows people to expand their range of experiences by using various programs, apps, wearable technology, etc. It allows people to expand the options of possibilities and increase the chances of producing something great

B+C: What inspires you?

MM: I am inspired by watching others work and feeding off their energy. I like to work in others’ workspaces; that’s where I get my best work done.

B+C: If you could go back and tell early-twenty-something Moj some career/life advice, what are you telling her?

MM: Make no apologies. Make big mistakes and learn from them!

B+C: You only get one social network to use for the rest of your life. What’s your pick?


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(Photos via Beautycon Media)