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25 Subscription Boxes for Every Kid in Your Life

Summer is almost here, and the heat is on for moms and dads to show off their parenting skills with activities that keep kids entertained, engaged and maybe even educated after school is out. Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to help your kids hone their favorite hobby or explore new passions. With so many options on the market to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one is best for your kiddo. There are boxes for everything from bubbling science experiments to top secret missions. Here’s our roundup of 25 creative subscription boxes to keep kids busy all summer.

For the Bookworm

1. BookBoks ($16/month): Based on your profile tailored specifically to your child, an expert from BookBoks will select two books and ship them straight to your door each month. You’ll no longer have to read the same old boring bedtime story night after night. BookBoks offers books suitable for kids ages 0-12.


2. Bookroo ($18/month): Geared toward a younger audience (ages 0-6), each Bookroo box contains either three board books or two picture books in each monthly box. This subscription box will help develop an early love for reading.

For the Adventurer


3. Little Passports ($14+/month): Want your kid to travel the world without breaking the bank? With a Little Passports subscription, kids can explore one state, country or world theme at a time. Subscribers of the popular “World Edition” receive a blue suitcase, passport and wall-sized world map, along with various stickers and activities. Subsequent boxes will feature souvenirs, activities, stickers and photos for a new country each month.

4. Mission Unboxable ($25+): Mission Unboxable allows your child to create a new identity and complete covert operations as a super secret agent. They’ll be challenged to complete missions without using technology, forcing them to use their imaginations and think outside the box. Each box includes real spy gadgets and spy gear. Think disguise kits, fingerprint analysis, decoders and more. Choose from one-time mailing and monthly subscription options.

For the Animal Lover


5. Animal Trackers ($12/month): Take your kids on the African safari of a lifetime without ever leaving your house. The adventure begins with an Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox, which is great for storage. Then each month, your child will track a different animal using a learning activity and art project. Additional goodies each month include an animal foam mask, play figure, magnet, information card and photo. Your animal lover will be waiting at the mailbox each month for this one.

For your Littlest

6. The Baby Guy Box ($40/month): Curated by The Baby Guy, Jamie Grayson, this subscription is a monthly box centered around a different theme, like meal time, breastfeeding or potty training. For example, the April box is a “favorite box,” including an eclectic mix of Jamie and his sister Jen’s favorite feeding gear, travel and sensory must-haves for kids ages six months to three years. Jamie is arguably the nation’s leading expert on all things baby gear, so this box will not disappoint.

7. Little Pnuts ($240/year): Many subscription services are curated with older kids in mind, but Little Pnuts offers quarterly boxes for three age groups: infant (0-12 months), toddler (1-3 years) and preschool (3-6 years). Each box includes beautiful, heirloom-quality toys carefully selected to enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.

For the Future Philanthropist

8. Loving Little Hands ($25/month): Entertain your child and do a good deed in the process. What could be better? Each month, Little Loving Hands delivers a craft project to your door. After the craft is complete, you send it as a donation to those in need, using the included pre-paid return envelope. Your child will learn compassion while you teach them the importance of who, why and how they are helping. Each month a different organization is featured.

For the Next Top Chef


9. Kidstir ($16/month): Kidstir helps every child build their own cookbook and spark a love of good food. In your first box, you’ll receive a cookbook binder to collect all of the recipes. Each month you’ll receive three step-by-step recipes covering all food groups, along with two kid-sized cooking tools, a printed shopping list, games and puzzles. This box is a great way to explore, cook and have fun together as family.

10. We Cook ($20/month): There are other kids’ cooking subscription services out there, but what sets We Cook apart is their story. After losing her three-year-old son, owner Jacqui created a subscription box designed around creating memories in the kitchen with your child. Each month you’ll receive original recipes, how-to instructions and custom-made tools delivered directly to your home.

allermates box

11. Allermates Goodie Box ($30 bi-monthly): Kids with food allergies don’t have to be left out. Allermates offers two subscription boxes: a Peanut-Free and Tree Nut-Free snack box or a Top 8 Allergens-Free Snack box. The “Top 8” box includes dairy-free and gluten-free snacks. For kids that often feel left out due to their medical condition, parents can rest easy that their little ones are both safe and happy.

For the Dirt Junkie

gardening box

12. Our Little Roots ($12/month): If you love to garden and would like to share that passion with your child, the Our Little Roots box is ideal for you. Each month you’ll receive all the necessary gardening supplies you need to start a garden, including non-GMO seeds and organic soil. To ensure your success, seeds are selected based on the season and ability to withstand most climates.

For the Sticker-Obsessed


13. Pipsticks ($15/month): Is your child sticker-obsessed? Instead of constantly listening to them beg for new stickers at the store, Pipsticks delivers 15+ sheets of stickers to your mailbox each month. They also include one postcard and four sheets of craft paper, so hopefully you won’t find stickers stuck to your walls.

For the Kid Who Has Everything

sun pley box

14. Pley ($20+/month): Pley delivers the coolest toys without the expense, clutter and waste of brand-new ones. With plans starting at $19.99 per month, your child can choose from a library of over 500 toys. You can enjoy them as long as you want, or even purchase them if your child falls in love. When they grow bored, just return them to receive your next toy. Pley takes care of cleaning and sanitizing them for you and doesn’t charge for normal wear and tear. It’s every parent and child’s dream come true!

For the Fashionista

darby girl box

15. Darby Girl ($19/bi-monthly): Perfect for the tween girl in your life, Darby Girl is a craft club box that contains everything your fashionista needs to make fashion accessories, room decor and more. Every project is inspired by Darby Smart’s favorite new trends, and each box includes all the do-it-yourself materials and step-by-step instructions that you’ll need.

For Pretend Play


16. Bramble Box ($25/month): Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with Bramble Box. Each month’s box inspires hours of play and learning with a different, fun theme like doctor, post office or ice cream shop. Since pretend play doesn’t always come to kids naturally, boxes include a craft, activity or book to help set the context and get imaginations flowing. These creative play kits are ideal for ages 3-8.

17. My Pretend Place ($50/quarter): What kid doesn’t love to play to dress up? With a My Pretend Place subscription, you’ll receive a themed dress-up box each quarter that’s perfect for ages 3-6. For the months in-between you can expect sticker activities, recipe ideas and crafts to help keep the pretend play going. Monthly themes might include pirates, rockstars or princesses.

For Encouraging STEM Learning


18. StemBox ($36/month): Only 25 percent of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals are women. The StemBox challenges stereotypical ideas about gender and toys. Designed for ages 7-13, this monthly box explores topics including computer programming, math and biology through experiments.


19. Spangler Science Club ($30/month): If there’s one thing kids love, it’s being hands-on. That’s how they learn best. The Spangler Science Club sends multiple hands-on science experiments to your front door related to a monthly theme like kitchen chemistry, science magic or bubbling potions. With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, this is the perfect subscription box for sparking a love of science in children grades kindergarten through six.


20. Groovy Lab in a Box ($30/month): In partnership with Popular Mechanics, each Groovy Lab in a Box guides kids through the scientific inquiry and engineering design process. Each box includes all the supplies needed to complete activities, experiments and design challenges outlined in a custom, subject-specific lab notebook. STEMists can learn everything from building a circuit to designing a greenhouse.

21. Bitsbox ($30/month): Bitsbox is a unique subscription box that teaches kids to code. Whether we like it or not, technology is just a part of life these days, and kids can learn to code as soon as they can learn to read and write. Each month, your child can pick from dozens of coding projects ranging from simple to advanced. They start with the code from the book, then make changes on their own to customize it. When they’re done, they can share their app with their friends on any mobile device. Bitsbox is best-suited for kids ages six to 12 years old.


22. Green Kid Crafts ($20/month): Green Kid Crafts feature 5-8 individually packaged projects for kids ranging from ages 3-10. Each monthly box is designed by both kids and experts and focuses on a different theme like geography, ocean science or space. The best part, all of the projects are made from quality eco-friendly materials.

For a Little Bit of Everything

surprise ride box beach

23. Surprise Ride ($30/month): Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Surprise Ride is the perfect subscription box for kids with a variety of interests, rather than a specific hobby. Each monthly box, designed for ages 6-11, includes two activities, a book, a snack, fun extras and easy-to-follow instructions. All of the activities are a surprise and centered around a different theme each month, like art, geography, food and more.


24. Kiwi Crate ($20/month): The folks at Kiwi Crate offer curated boxes for every age group. The Koala Crate features play and learn activities for ages 3-4, and the Kiwi Crate for ages 5-8 focuses on science and art. Older kids ages 9-16 can choose from the Doodle Crate, which focuses on art and design techniques, or the Tinker Crate focused on science and engineering. No matter the crate you choose, the Kiwi Crate family of brands inspires kids to see themselves as scientist, artists, creators and makers.

For Mom and Munchkin


25. Bluum ($34/month): One of the more well-known names in the world of kids subscription services, Bluum is your one-stop shop for everything pregnancy, baby and toddler. Since every child is different, each box is completely customizable. You can build your own box from Bluum’s lineup of best-reviewed products.

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