Let’s be real: it’s difficult (oftentimes, impossible) to find legit affordable alternatives for the most sought-after high-end beauty products. And so, after all that time spent searching for your drugstore dupe, you end up shelling out cash money (read: $$$$) for that must-have makeup. For the beauty obsessives out there who can relate, we have some good news: that struggle could be officially over thanks to The Outnet, a designer online fashion outlet, that’s going to start selling cult beauty products at super discounted rates starting October 25. Christmas really did come early.


While the beauty products will be seriously discounted, the caliber of products won’t reflect the affordable prices. This fall, high-end brands like Ren, Lipstick Queen and By Terry will all have a spot on The Outnet, which is the sister site to magazine-style, high-fashion e-tailer Net-a-Porter.

The Outnet will be curating beauty kits from their products, too, but they’re nothing like what you probably associate with established versions like Birchbox and most recently Sephora. Andres Sosa, Director of Global Sales and Marketing at The Outnet, explained to WWD that there will be a series of kits, each designed with a different end-goal in mind, like having a kit full of several full-size (!!), in-season products each designed to complement each other. Think: an entire skincare set, or everything you need from a single brand to create a smokey eye from start to finish. The prices will range from $22 – $500+. That said, you’re still saving 20 – 30% by buying a kit as opposed to buying each of the products separately (BUT it’s important to note that the products in the sets won’t be sold individually on the site).


Sosa put this into perspective by explaining the kit model with some real examples: Natura Bisse’s Celebrity Pick set, normally retailing for $665, would cost you $524 on The Outnet. Alternatively, Lipstick Queen’s $70 set would retail for $48 on the site. If only they made a Kim-Kardashian’s-face-in-a-box set to take out all guesswork of that crazy 50-step routine ;) Since the site will be prepped in time for the 2015 holiday season, chock full of products you’ve likely had on your beauty wish list for a while, get ready for stocking stuffers galore!


Are you a fan of this news from The Outnet? What are your fave beauty brands + buys? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

(h/t WWD)