Last year, we gave you 15 geeky stocking stuffer ideas, and this year we’ve decided to up our game. Whether you’re a gag-gifting Santa or an 8-bit-giving elf, we’ve got you covered. Target’s $1 section may be a stocking stuffer wonderland, but we’ve come up with 35 geeky stocking stuffers that’ll have all your friends thinking you spent way more than $15.

1. iPad Condoms ($14): Well that escalated quickly. Now with that in mind, it’s going to be tough to read this next sentence without your mind in the gutter. These “condoms” are just clear, stretchy sleeves that fit perfectly on your iPad to prevent it from getting wet. It works great for those rainy day commutes or when you’re going boating with friends or even for a hilarious yet functional stocking stuffer idea.

2. Game Controller Mold ($10): We’re taking it back to the ‘80s with these classic video game controller molds. Perfect for making some Bob-omb holiday pastries.

3. Beaker Tea Infuser ($10): Our hypothesis: If you put this chemis-tea set in someone’s stocking, they will love you forever. Try it out, and see if our hypothesis is correct.

4. LEGO Cake Pan ($10): Baking a three-layered cake is as easy as stacking LEGOs with this silicone cake pan. We’re so tempted to make our own version of the LEGO drone out of brownies.

5. Touch Screen Compatible Gloves ($8): Keep your phalanges warm while still being able to use your phone and tablet. You can getthree pairs of gloves for just $8 at Target which already makes you the ultimate geeky Santa. Brit Tip: To add a personalized touch to these gloves, feel free to glam them up with some of our DIYs.

6. Dating Guide ($15): Don’t worry, you can’t possibly offend anyone with a guide as adorably geeky as this one. It’s filled with cheat codes and walkthroughs so you can woo the pixels outta her.

7. 2-Player Gaming Mug Set ($15): This geeky couples mug would go perfectly with the Dating Guide.

8. Conductive Glue ($4): This is a glue gun for the geekiest DIYers. It’s a total must and a great stocking stuffer for all Raspberry Pi lovers.

9. Electric Paint Pen ($10): This one is also conductive glue, but it’s more kid-friendly and clumsy-proof than the previous one. This conductive glue is inside an easy-to-squeeze tube with a pointed tip for better accuracy in your tech DIYs.

10. Easy-Macro Smartphone Lens Band ($13): Give this to those VSCO Cam lovers. This universal macro lens transforms any smartphone camera lens with ease. Just put the band over your phone and align the two lens. Whoever you’re giving the lens band to might like the next one on our list, too…

11. Camera Lens Shot Glasses ($8): Your photography-loving friends probably already own the ever-so-popular DSLR lens mug, but do they have camera lens shot glasses? This set of three shot glasses plus the lens band would be a picture perfect stocking stuffer for all camera lovers.

12. The Big Red Button ($15): Whenever you want to rage quit in real life, this big, red button is your one-stop solution. The USB-powered device has five different settings that you can choose from: Boom, Punch Up, I’m Working, Take-a-Break and Webkey. Boom fills your computer screen with explosions, Punch Up pulls up a picture that you set and asks you to punch it and I’m Working pulls up a spreadsheet to make it look like you’re working. Take-a-Break and Weykey are somewhat similar in that they both take you to a website that you set up yourself.

13. Star Wars Cookie Cutters ($15): Cutting your cookie dough, I am. This Star Wars-themed gingerbread cookie cutter set comes with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, C-P30, Yoda and a Stormtrooper.

14. Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers ($15): Battle through your food with these lightsaber chopsticks. Now the question is: Are you going to choose the Dark Side or the Light?

15. Coal Gum ($5): Whether you have a love-hate relationship with one of your friends or you just want a gag stocking stuffer, this coal gum is the one.

16. Emoji Stickers ($12): We’re totally into all things emoji-related, and this sticker set is no exception. Express ALL the emotions with over 900 stickers.

17. Library Card Socks ($12): Everyone will be sure to “check you out” when you’re wearing these socks. Every bookworm is going to love to kick it old school with these library stamp cards.

18. Mini MacBook Air Mirror ($6): This is a unique stocking stuffer that’ll have the whole Genius Bar jealous.

19. Tetris Crust Cutter ($10): Sure, your mom taught you not to play with your food, but who could resist Tetris-shaped PB&J sandwiches?

20. Finger Twister ($5): A funny “twist” on a classic game that’ll be fun and hilarious to play with the whole family or with friends at a holiday party.

21. Game Bandages ($7): Dry winter air got your skin cracking? You’re going to want to wear these bandages where everyone can see them. Wear your battle scars proudly with 8-bit bandages from your favorite classic video games.

22. Micro-USB Charge and Sync Cable ($12): This charge and sync cable won’t get tied into knots because of its flat wire. It comes in three different bold color combinations so you can add some color to your charging experiences. It works for all micro-USB devices.

23. Skinnydip London USB iPhone 5 Cable ($15): The average, white iPhone charger is so drab for those who are totally fashion-forward. This USB cable is sure to add edge and novelty to your phone whenever it needs a charge.

24. World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie ($15): Be sneaky with this tiny pair. Give one to your roomie and use it as a house intercom. They’re fully functional up to 150 feet apart, and it also has a morse code function. Roger that.

25. Adjustable Monopod ($5): You don’t need to buy a GoPro in order to use a selfie stick. This adjustable monopod fits iPhones and Samsung Galaxys. The adjustable ball head allows for multiple angles so you can get your picture-perfect shot. Brit Tip: For iPhone users, plug in your headphones and click the + button on your volume toggle to take pictures with this selfie stick.

26. HoldTight ($15): This is a neat stocking stuffer idea for your friends who like to go clubbing, partying or just really like to minimize the things they carry. The HoldTight is a phone case that allows you to configure different colored bands to not only make a cool design on the back of your phone, but to also hold things. The HoldTight can hold on to ID cards and extra money so you don’t have to take your wallet or it can hold down your earbuds so they’re always with your phone, but never tangled.

27. Touchscreen Cleaner ($13): Think about how many times your phone is in your hands and how many of those times you don’t have clean hands. Think about how many times you set your phone face down on a public table and then stuck it to your ear to answer a call. This touchscreen cleaner will calm all your germaphobe worries. Just spray the solution and wipe your screen with the bottle. The bottle is lined with a towel that’ll leave your screens smudge- and streak-free.

28. Bag Light ($10): Totes are cute and all, but it’s almost impossible to find anything in those babies — especially at night! This little purse add-on is an LED light that can be magnetically clasped anywhere on your bag. So the next time you need to find your phone, this bag light is sure to shine the way.

29. iPhone Charger Stickers ($13): These stickers decorate your iPhone chargers with funny faces. Whether you want to stand out with a uniquely decorated iPhone charger or easily identify your charger in the midst of all your chargers and cords, this sticker set is your solution.

30. Barnacle ($5): This versatile phone stand will provide a nice home for your phone anywhere you go. It’s really easy to use: Just stick one end to your phone and the other end to where you need. It works great on the dash of a car and also on your desk.

31. Cordies ($5): This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Cordies are the perfect way to keep all your cords organized and from not sliding off your desk.

32. Galaxy You Later Night Light ($8): This night light is out of this world. Have a little piece of the galaxy in your room or gift it to a youngin’ who has trouble sleeping at night.

33. Theory of Versatility Socks ($8): These socks are perfect for college students who are making their way over to physics. Extra credit worthy, perhaps?

34. Galaxy Print Leggings ($14): These leggings stretch out your legs to infinity and waaay beyond. Walk around with part of the universe in your hands — er, we mean, on your legs.

35. Circuit Board Nail Wraps ($8): Load up your nails with these circuit board nail wraps. The set comes with 14 wraps, and they’ll last up to three weeks if you add on top coat.

Which stocking stuffers would you want to receive? Tell us in the comment section!