By now, everyone is well aware of the PR nightmare that was the United Airlines 鈥渞e-accommodation鈥 of a passenger this week, leaving them in hot water for the second time in a month. While there has been (*cough cough,* incredibly irrelevant) speculation about the passenger, Dr. David Dao, he has remained silent on his ordeal until now.

In a statement released through his family lawyer, the doctor thanked people for their concern regarding his treatment aboard the plane. 鈥淭he family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received. Currently, they are focused only on Dr. Dao鈥檚 medical care and treatment.鈥

Meanwhile, United CEO Oscar Munoz has released a second statement after backlash regarding his original comments surrounding the incident. In his first statement, he skirted the issue and used the term 鈥渞e-accommodated鈥 to explain what happened to Dr. Dao aboard the airline.

While this second statement has been much more clear regarding the 鈥渢ruly horrific event鈥 that happened aboard the plane, many are calling out the CEO for his too-little, too-late comment.

On top of it all, many are calling for an airline boycott in light of this incident. Dr. Dao鈥檚 statement doesn鈥檛 touch on what, if anything, the family of the victim may do going forward, but we鈥檒l keep you updated as news breaks.

(h/t HelloGiggles; photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)