No, it’s not a typo. It’s a thing, the latest Instagram craze. A shelfie (not the Google April Fools’ joke) is like a postcard of where you are. And for most of us, that’s usually at a desk or table rather than a tropical vacation or a romp in the woods.

WSJ coined the term as of late, but you’ve seen them all over your Instagram feed for, like, ever. Trust us, you have. They’re basically curated compositions of personal items and the clichéd categories include The Stunning Espresso Foam Design, The Evocative Pair of Spectacles and The Casual Magazine Tableau. So yeah, it doesn’t have to be an artfully arranged shelf. Tabletop photography falls in the category too. And we expect whenever Ellen decides to get on board, hers is going to be the only thing people will talk about for an entire week… something to look forward to.

So what makes a good shelfie? Good lighting, interesting stuff, a nice composition, keen curation — and a killer caption, of course. Need a little inspiration to go about your first shot? We’ve found 15 goodies that just might have you replacing Selfie Sunday with Shelfie Sunday.

1. Elegant Knick Knacks: Frogs. Crystals. Perfumes samples. Rethink the little things and snap a shot of unlikely combinations. People like that. (via Alice Gao)

2. Everything In Your Purse: Your bag needs organizing anyway, right? (via The Coveteur)

3. Pretty in Pink: Ready to share a hue-tiful image with your followers? Go monochrome with some of your favorite items of the moment. (via Design Love Fest)

4. Sunday Funday: Books, books and more books. The world now knows that you’re an educated and thoughtful person. (via Sarah W Lederman)

5. Springtime Glory: Showin’ off your new blooms! Gotta do it. (via Allicators)

6. Organization Station: Now there’s motivation to make your kitchen picture perfect. Oh, and bonus points for being an actual shelf. (via Rosie Dargenzio)

7. Confetti Table: Here’s the “I had a party last night. It was fun. Where were you?” If you’re looking to follow a serial shelfie shooter, Munster Rose is a favorite. (via Munster Rose)

8. Big Plans: Whether you’re planning a trip across the country or to the altar, chronicle the journey. (via Made Lineberg)

9. Happy Hour: Cheers to cocktails! (via Alice Gao)

10. Bookshelf Nostalgia: The quintessential shelfie — showcasing your precious collections. (via Marieschka)

11. Bag Contents: Yup, this is one you see on the regular too. Everything just fell out of your handbag. Quick! Take a picture! (via Canary Grey)

12. Rustic Cooking: And because you like to show off what you’re whipping up in your kitchen, you’ll want to capture the intimacies of home cooking on the regular. (via Miss GDK)

13. Scrapbook on Display: A beautiful still life of affectionately arranged memories make for a cozy composition and will garner lots of double tapping. (via Trnk NYC)

14. Calm Corner: Working from home never looked so good. (via Lilia Freak)

15. Current Projects: We have to include one from our very own Brit Morin. Showcasing tools from you current project is a shelfie must. (via The Brit Morin)

Are you on Team Shelfie or Team Selfie? Let us know in the comments!