Before you go getting too ambitious, let us clear something up: This isn’t Floral Arrangements 101. What we’re bringing you are super simple, DIY floral assortments to help brighten up your space. These aren’t over-the-top spectacles, more like fresh bouquets that you can pluck from your garden, potted plants around your house or a local farmers’ market. Make like a gardenista and ready your vases for bringing a bit of the outside in.

1. Ranunculus: A springtime favorite, ranunculus is known for its delicate, crepe-paper-like layers. They’re the perfect contenders for container gardens. Freshly cut and poised in a vase, ranunculus boasts a long-lasting bloom. (via Gardenista)

2. Alfresco Arrangement: Borrow dahlias, roses, zinnias, mint and baby’s breath from your garden to give your table a refreshing look. (via Bollea)

3. Lilac Centerpiece: Fun fact! The lilac is native to the olive family! You’re one lucky lass if you have a lilac shrub in your yard to cut some clusters from for an attractive centerpiece like this one. (via Theo Flamenbaum Interiors)

4. Pussy Willow Stems: Quit snickering. (Full disclosure: We are too.) These tender, velvet buds shoot up in early spring. Get your cutting shears ready and bring these aesthetically pleasing stalks indoors. (via Ivory Bill)

5. Meadow Muddle: Gather up an arrangement of wildflowers that’s more about whimsy than meticulousness. Springtime Shasta daisies can’t be taken too seriously. (via Gardenista)

6. Peonies Three Ways: Known as one of the world’s most beautiful (and delicious-smelling!) blooms, peonies can stand solo or get super dramatic when partnered with a few friends. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Tulip Showcase: Can’t pick a color? We don’t blame you, so don’t. Bunch them all together! (via ABCD Designs)

8. Pink Dahlias: Hardy and fresh in their myriad of colors, dahlias are a fun flower to incorporate into an arrangement. Bonus: They’re super easy to grow. (via Country Living)

9. Wild Succulents: Don’t break a sweat with this living arrangement. When the spring breeze turns to summer heat, succulents are a safe bet to beat indoor wilt. If you treat it right, this arrangement will last forever. (via Design Sponge)

10. Chrysanthemum Pom Poms: Playful and sturdy, chrysanthemum’s instill liveliness. Easily dried, they make for an arrangement that will last throughout the year. (via I Heart Nap Time)

11. Pink Hydrangeas: An effortless arrangement that provides months of gorgeous color. When yanking the goods from your hydrangea bush, clip them low and place then in water ASAP to prevent wilting. These lush blooms dry beautifully too. Simply remove them from the vase and let them dry a few days. (via Centsational Girl)

12. Bells of Ireland Display: One of the more distinctive flowers out there is the Bells of Ireland. Commonly used as a foliage plant, it is prized for bouquets and is a stunner for indoor displays. (via BHG)

13. Sweet Peas and Cabbage: Sweet Peas strike up a challenge as they can be tricky to grow but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked by their seductive scent. Get creative and pluck a few cabbages from the veggie patch (or the grocery store) to create a vase that will make your friends think you’re sooooo cool. (via Real Simple)

14. Dusty Rose: Grab four stems of lamb’s ear, six roses, two chrysanthemums and four stems of asclepias. It may sound like a dinner recipe, but with these ingredients, you’ll be whipping up this beaut. (via The Telegraph)

15. Citrus Blossoms: Loose, natural and not overly serious, branches laden with fruit and blossoms add color and whimsy to any decor. (via Design Sponge)

16. Poppies With Queen Anne’s Lace: A two for one! This arrangement adds character to a room, and it’s also edible. Poppies are known for lending their seeds to spices and seasonings. You can use the carrot-like root of Queen Anne’s Lace in soups or stews, the leaves in salad and the clusters of flowers are great battered and fried. We aren’t even kidding. (via Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

17. Single-Stemmed Roses: Classical and enchanting, single stemmed roses displayed in a multitude of vases is way more interesting than a dozen bought and bunched at the corner store. (via Passion for Living)

18. Herbal Sachet: Don’t forget, herbs possess beauty and fragrance too! This arrangement would reside perfectly in the kitchen, where you can steal goodies to spice up your cooking. (via The Garden Club of the Back Bay)

19. Sunflowers: Wake up to sunshine by placing long-stemmed sunflowers on your bedside table. No more excuses about waking up on the wrong side of the bed now, ya hear? (via Design OCD)

Go ahead, show off your green thumb by sharing a snapshot of a floral creation you’ve uprooted from your garden below.