Well, this contraption arrived just in time for the shenanigans that Daylight Savings Time pulls every year. With the end of DST, the days are objectively way too short, and that affects our natural rhythm. Like a fake skylight that simulates the tropics, the Sunn Light fits right into your home like a normal light would to promote healthy living and trick your body into waking up and going to sleep when it’s supposed to.

The Sunn Light is an LED light fixture that uses smart technology (yup, there’s an app attached) to adjust the color and brightness depending on the normal habits of the sun. It mimics gradually increasing morning light to wake you up naturally. It mimics cool white afternoon light to keep you productive all day. It mimics golden dusk light to help you relax. And it even mimics the light of a glowing fire at night, which helps ease you into sleepytime.

The light has been successfully raising funds on Kickstarter and will be until December 19. Contributors can pledge $289 to get their own 19-inch Sunn light. $349 will get you a bigger 24-inch light and $5,000 or more will actually get you time travel (!) — a trip from Alaska to Iceland, over the North Pole to see the famed midnight sun.

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