2017 has been an actual roller coaster of intense emotions. Politically, everything is a trash fire, and day after day, bad news abounds. While we鈥檝e tried to remain optimistic and focus on things like these 13 movies to watch in honor of Black History Month, it鈥檚 been really hard to be happy. We鈥檝e spent time figuring out how to support immigrants and refugees after the immigrant travel ban was instituted last week by President Trump, and while January has been the darkest for many in the country, we鈥檙e starting February off with the best possible news: Beyonc茅 is pregnant and she鈥檚 having TWINS. After so many shocking things, this good news is making everyone go absolutely bonkers, and here are some of our favorite Beybee x2 reactions.

Some are noticing the impeccable timing of Queen Bey鈥檚 announcement:

Others are just ready to lay it all down for the glorious news:

Many more know that she did this for the good of the nation:

So many people are excited about a very pregnant Beyonc茅 to headline Coachella:

And finally, the best reaction of all:

Think about it.

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(Photo via Greg DeGuirre/Getty)