If you’ve ever wondered what happens after The Olympics end, look no further.

Generally speaking, when we talk about The Olympics, it’s about the sense of community, the pride in your team, and the uniforms that each nation rocks during the opening and closing ceremonies. What is more of a dirty little secret, however, is what happens to many major cities post-Olympiad. While cities like Vancouver planned ahead and built structures that would benefit them long term, many other host cities simply do not have the ability to do the same in a meaningful way.

Photographer Mario Tama has taken a trip through Rio’s now-abandoned Olympic village, and the photos are depressing (to say the least). He has perfectly captured what so many other cities in the history of The Olympic Games have faced. Less than seven months after the games have ended, practice swimming pools (above) are filled with stagnant water and debris, instead of being used by the city’s inhabitants.

With wild dogs roaming parking lots, the Rio site looks like something out of a desolate future wasteland zombie movie.

Many host nations actually face bankruptcy after the games, and if these photos are any indication, Rio is probably not faring very well. Just take a look at that rotting golf course.

Business Insider reports that part of the problem at the Rio site does in fact stem from a lack of money. With no business or organization to foot the bills, the sites are abandoned and rotting or in disrepair.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; Photos via Mario Tama/Getty)