Plenty of celebs have stepped up to generously donate to hurricane relief funds intended to help victims recover from the devastation suffered from recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Now, following damage Puerto Rico sustained after Category 4 storm Maria swept through on Wednesday, TheLate Show host Stephen Colbert has teamed up with actor Nick Kroll to give us the most unique celeb fundraiser yet: incredibly awkward puberty pics.

Obviously, puberty isn’t exactly the easiest of times, thanks to all those physical developments and outta control hormones. But thankfully, it’s a stage that we ultimately eventually grow out of and leave in the past. Unless you happen to be a celebrity, that is.

For your viewing pleasure, Colbert and Kroll are digging up the most painfully awkward snaps of the rich and famous — all in the name of charity, of course. Both the host and The House star kicked things off by giving Colbert’s audience a look at their own 13-year-old selves, with the comedian’s having come straight from gym class (i.e. sweaty) with a tie and jacket borrowed from the photographer because he “forgot” it was student photo day.

Kroll, TBH, just looks like a tinier version of the man he is now, sporting some stylish duds worthy of the ’80s or ’90s, no doubt.

From there, the #PuberMe campaign (yes, really!) was born, encouraging other stars to share photos from their own pubescent years. For every celeb that takes part, Colbert has pledged to donate money from his Americone Dream Fund to Puerto Rico relief.

As you might expect, celebs have responded enthusiastically, flooding social media with their pics. Check out some of their best snaps below!

1. Alison Brie: Brie may play the part of a total babe on Glow, but back in her teenage years, she was donning headgear and oversized PJs, just like the rest of us.

2. America Ferrera: Apparently, Ferrara has always been adorably perky. Look at that smile!

3. Gina Rodriguez: The Jane the Virgin star nailed retro fashion with this bold crushed velvet dress.

4. Aisha Tyler: Tyler clear knew how to have a good time, even through her awkward puberty stage.

5. Amy Schumer: The comedian shared a snap hanging out with her big bro in her younger days. Note the many Beverly Hills, 90210 pics on the wall: too cute!

5. Emmy Rossum: Rossum, whose teenage shot looks like something out of a winter wonderland-themed magazine photo shoot, apparently skipped that whole awkward bit.

6. Jimmy Fallon: The talk show host rocked the Ocean Pacific look back in the day, the perfect match to the the light-toned denim he also chose to sport.

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7. Topher Grace: That ’70s Show star Topher Grace proved he was adorably gawky in any decade.

8. Jimmy Kimmel: Kimmel has clearly always up for a little late night fun (bonus points for that on-point license plate).

9. Busy Philipps: These days, Philipps has a head full of sleek and straight locks, but back in the day, she was all about that crimped hair (not to mention witchy, Stevie Nicks-esque fashion). “Very unclear why I thought it was a good look,” she lamented. We beg to differ, Busy!

10. Sarah Silverman: The Wreck It Ralph 2 star was seemingly more into sports than comedy back in the day, showing off her inner tomboy in this super sporty getup.

11. Olivia Wilde: “What I lacked in eyebrows, I made up for in chin-ne,” the 1984 star joked.

12. Patton Oswalt: From the looks of this pic, Oswalt may have had another career path ahead of him as a musician. We wonder if he still has the sax?

13. Kelly Ripa: The Live With Kelly and Ryan host was always into showbiz, as she proved with this snap of her and Jacquie Maloney (“AKA Laverne from Cats“) at a Halloween dance. “Yes, I’m holding my tail.” she quipped. “Deal with it!”

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14. Gillian Jacobs: Love star Jacobs had her own sense of style, saying, “I chose those glasses.”

15. Chelsea Peretti: Still, she had nothing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Chelsea Peretti, who had her super chill pose down in this hilarious oversized button-down getup.

16. James Corden: The funnyman sort of looks exactly the same as he does now, only slightly younger.

17. Lin-Manuel Miranda: Hamilton‘s shining star was repping Puerto Rico back in the day, and is sharing the snap to support the country now once more, bringing things full circle.

18. Conan O’Brien: O’Brien always had that signature red hair, making no mistaking of who this kid would grow up to be!

19. Ryan Seacrest: Seacrest, on the other hand, looks completely different than he did during his days of youth. What a transformation!

20. Jessica Simpson: Who would’ve guessed that she’d be dropping jaws in her daisy dukes years after this snap of J. Simps (who’s rocking a sweet set of bangs thanks to little sis Ashlee) was taken?

Which is your favorite #PuberMe pic? Care to share your own awkward pic? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Photos via Scott Kowalcyk/Getty)