We were definitely fascinated by the seemingly magical roses that last for a full year, slowly losing petals just like the enchanted flower in Beauty and the Beast. But now, as the live-action movie gets ever closer and our love of the story sparks all over again, another company has introduced rose displays that last for an incredibly long time. Like, FOREVER!


Founded in the UK and super popular in the Middle East, Forever Rose apparently lives up to its name by offering flower arrangements that are not only stunningly beautiful — they also last an unnaturally long time.

Reminiscent of the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast, each arrangement (whether a solo flower or a full bouquet) is placed in a glass dome that not only protects what’s inside, but also makes the display worthy of a home in the Beast’s magical castle.

Not exactly cheap, at around $275 US for the Mini Belle version and almost $300 for the full-sized rose (with various color options including the classic radiant red, beautifully vibrant blue, and almost endless choices available for the Enchanted Garden), three roses together will put the price up to nearly $550, with larger displays busting budgets in the thousands. However, they need neither sunlight nor water to survive for three long years, and if you leave the dome in place, the flowers will apparently last FOREVER, so they may in fact be worth every penny.

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(h/t Marie Claire; photos via David Silverman/Getty, Forever Rose)