If you’re anything like us, your beauty routine is equal parts tried-and-true tradition and checking out the trendy seasonal lip shades you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. Needless to say, whether or not we actually ever try the weird and wonderful thing we see on Instagram or Youtube, we’re pretty much obsessed with the looks beauty vloggers serve in their tutorials. (How else are we going to learn to do a full glitter face for a special occasion?)

One of the trends we’ve been most obsessed with in the beauty vlogger community has nothing to do with any actual makeup — it’s the voiceover challenge. You might remember when the clueless boyfriend/husband/dad voiceover was all the rage, and it pretty much peaked when Casey Holmes had her BF narrate her everyday makeup tutorial while he was drunk. We cry-laughed.

The voiceover challenge continues into 2017, and we gotta say, the latest one bumps things up yet another notch. Makeup artist Ellarie enlisted the help of her five-year-old daughter Zara — aka Yoshidoll, a social media star in her own right — to do her narration, and we can’t even handle the cute.

Zara might not have all the technical lingo down, but her excitement more than makes up for it. She narrates every single move her mom makes, tracking every brush movement with her signature “blush blush!” and confirms it’s “nice and pretty” when a step is completed. And when she calls her mom’s highlighter “sparkle sparkle?” Dead.

Check out the full video below, and squee at the adorableness with us.

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(Featured image via Ellarie/Youtube)