’Tis the season to work up an appetite for your fave chocolate desserts. But if you’re like us, one of the aftereffects of those holiday meals is the need to search for a fab way to get back on track and feeling healthy. In addition to hitting the gym, meal planning can be a great way to fuel up with nourishing, energizing foods that are still delicious.

If the thought of meal prep stresses you out more than holiday shopping, you’ll LOVE Habit a nutrition kit company heading into beta testing in January 2017 — which could change the way you manage your daily health routine. Habit is still in its early stages and isn’t available to everyone quite yet, but scroll down for a sneak peek at this super cool new system!


Habit is built on the premise of “personalized nutrition”: using your biology and metabolism to determine the healthiest way for you to eat. After revolutionizing the baby food world with Plum Organics, Habit’s founder Neil Grimmer decided to overhaul his health by examining his body’s specific requirements through DNA and blood tests. Feeling stronger and more energized from his new diet, Grimmer launched Habit with the intention of bringing personalized nutrition to the wider population. Habit’s team is made up of scientists, creatives and designers who understand what foods might be best for you, and use that knowledge to help you feel and be your best self.

The science behind Habit feels a bit like high school biology class. Subscribers to the program receive a DIY test kit in the mail that allows them to measure the necessary factors that will let Habit do its work. The test kit provides detailed instructions for at-home use. When you’re finished testing, you return the materials to a certified lab. Scientists can use the testing data to analyze more than 60 biological markers, right down to your individual phenotypes and genotypes.

In addition to sending Habit your finished test kit, you’ll also provide them with information about your health goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you hoping to get in better shape so you can train for that triathlon? Do you want to boost your energy without an extra shot of espresso? Habit’s experts will combine your feedback with the scientific data from the test kit and voila! They’ll understand what foods your body needs to support your health goals.


Habit provides their recommendations through dashboard technology, connecting you with dietitians and coaches to help you figure out how to make the changes that work best in your life. Our favorite part? Once you’ve talked through your results with a dietitian, your food recommendations will show up at your doorstep as fully prepared meals. You’ll skip that pesky meal prep and you’ll be ready to tackle your health goals with foods that are targeted for your individual needs.

The only downside we can find is that the company is preparing for beta testing only in the Bay Area in early 2017. A Habit representative says that the company plans to expand nationally sometime after the trial. And even though we can’t all access this personalized meal planning right away, it’s exciting to think about what it represents: new developments that can support our wellness while saving us time and keeping us well fed.

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(Photos via Habit)