Outside of those wonderful visits from Aunt Flo and holiday pig-outs, bloating isn’t something we typically consider when discussing our bodies. Sure, we might opt for a peasant dress instead of our fave DIY crop top when we’re feeling a bit stuffed, but how many times do we actually consider how bloating really affects our everyday life?

Tiffany Brien Bloat Facebook

The truth is a lot of women suffer from bloating — even rockstar fitness bloggers like Tiffany Brien. In a recent Facebook post, the UK-based fitness guru shared a shocking before-and-after pic showing how bloating affected her in a single day. “I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you how nobody is ‘perfect’ and it is okay to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball,” she writes in the post.

Since Tiffany uploaded the pic on June 15, the post has blown up online with news outlets, bloggers and over 20,000 global #girlbosses sharing her inspirational self-love message. “Yes, it gets me down when this happens,” Tiffany notes. But she’s determined to stay positive and implement new strategies to help combat the issue — such as getting more sleep and figuring out her food sensitivities.

Although she’s still working on figuring out exactly what causes her bloating (aren’t we all?) her takeaway message is definitely something we can get behind. “Relax and be happy,” Tiffany stresses. “It’ll be okay, you’re not alone. Promise.” You go, girl!

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(Photos via @TiffanyBrien and Tiffany Brien)