There’s no doubt that our love for the Gilmore Girls runs as deep as our love for Friends, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if their worlds collided? BOOM! That’s exactly what’s happening with a new fan theory that connects the two shows in a totally unexpected (yet believable?) way. Get ready to have your TV-lovin’ mind blown.

Gilmore Girls

In an interesting twist first put forward by Reddit user NotAnAverageTaunTaun, it’s all about the Geller connection. In a post called [Gilmore Girls / Friends] Paris Geller is Rachel Green’s redemption story, we’re introduced to a very interesting theory.

Ready? Here we go…

Friends _ Ross and Rachel

When Friends ended back in 2004, Rachel Green ditched her new job at Louis Vuitton in Paris to stay with her love, Ross Geller. Though perhaps the right move for the character and show, it still irked some that Rachel turned down a major career opportunity when she had worked so hard to move up the ladder.

Gilmore Girls _ Paris Geller

Switch now to the Gilmore Girls. Paris Geller (note the last name) is “a smart, no-nonsense, career-driven student who blossoms into an extremely motivated adult.”

So how are the two connected, exactly? Though it’s noted that the name connection was probably totally coincidental in the beginning, “her character arc is a deliberate flip-side of the coin from Rachel Green’s — a sort of redemption story. While Rachel sacrifices her career for love, Paris’s storyline time and again shows her doing the opposite; especially later in the show, after the Friends finale aired.” Ooooh, interesting.

But let’s go a little deeper…

Gilmore Girls _ Paris and Doyle

“When faced with the possibility of her love life detracting from her future career, Paris breaks up with her beloved Yale boyfriend, Doyle — she refuses to let a boy stop her from attending medical school.” Now relate that back to Friends and you can see that “unlike Ross Geller… Doyle makes the choice to support and follow Paris wherever she decides to go, effectively reversing the Rachel and Paris’s respective character arcs.” It’s like a relationship/career redemption bizarro-world.

Though NotAnAverageTaunTaun also admits, “It could just be my frustration with Rachel’s choice not to go for the Louis Vuitton job after she worked so hard to move up in the fashion industry (or my love of Paris — “It’s National Baptism Day! Tie your tubes, idiot” is literally the best line on television IMO), but I totally feel like this is a possibility! Maybe I’m grasping at straws.”

Maybe, but we’re still totally intrigued by this possibility.

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