You’ll Be Totally Jealous of Katherine Heigl’s Rustic Baby Shower Cake
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You’ll Be Totally Jealous of Katherine Heigl’s Rustic Baby Shower Cake

Katherine Heigl and musician hubby Josh Kelly announced that they were having baby number three back in July (their first natural-born), so naturally, a baby shower was sure to follow at some point.

This weekend marked the big event, and lucky for us, Katherine just shared the deets of her chic affair with the rest of us via her blog, Those Heavenly Days.

Though she cites her mom was the driving force behind, well, everything, the super pretty rocking horse cake Katherine posted to Insta was a result of her own input (which, as she readily admits, mayyyyy be because she also happens to be a bit of a control freak). The result was several major nods to the couple’s Utah mountain home, where the babe will be born.

“I wanted the party to have a holiday/mountain feel, so I looked for recipe and décor inspiration that spoke to my desired vibes,” she wrote.

That happened to be EXTRA important when it came to the cake, because, cravings. “I’ve had quite the sweet tooth throughout the pregnancy, so the cake was also pretty significant to me,” she says. (Trust us, girl — we get it!) “I found some examples of the simple kind of beauty I was looking for, then told the bakers to make sure the frosting was not only decorative, but delicious too.”

Sounds like a solid choice to us!

Check out all of the beautiful pics here.

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(Photos via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty + Those Heavenly Days)