Chrissy Teigen is one busy lady — between her Lip Sync Battle show on Spike TV (hosting killer stints like Zoe Saldana’s killer “Stressed Out” is hard work, okay?), being a doting mom to baby Luna and promoting her first cookbook (released last year), frankly, we’re not sure HOW she does it all.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 14: Host Commentator Chrissy Teigen speaks onstage during the FYC Event - Spike's 'Lip Sync Battle' at Saban Media Center on June 14, 2016 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Spike)

But she’s already gearing up for round two, as she revealed when she took a poll on Twitter recently regarding recipes for her next cookbook.

The model and entrepreneur asked fans to vote on several food categories they’d like to see more of, including easy meals (those with fewer ingredients), holidays/special occasion meals, those you can make in a pinch (less than an hour) and “lightER,” or, as Chrissy puts it simply, “not diet.”

Why not diet you ask? Twitter user @aindik had the same question, which Chrissy answered with the help of her Twitter fans.

@fintrainer came to her aide and suggested that perhaps it was the quick fix aspect of it all that she took issue with.

Another pointed out that “diet” was rather harsh, taking all the joy out of eating.

In short? Chrissy prefers to be body positive, focusing more on the balance of a healthy lifestyle than the restrictive aspects associated with terms such as “diet,” and we couldn’t be more on board!

While some took issue with her use of the term “clean,” Chrissy went on to explain that to her, “clean” meant “not Velveeta — something without 1,000 ingredients with words she could pronounce.”

Though to be clear, she’ll totally get down on a bowl of shells and cheese as well.

We, for one, are ever so slightly more concerned with the voting errors she experienced.

Us too, Chrissy. Us too.

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