We鈥檙e聽all equipped to handle change differently. Some people go boldly into the future, accepting change without problem. Others are a litttttlllle bit more hesitant,聽preferring to dip their toes in instead. Case in point? Users (and would-be users) of the聽iPhone 7.聽While some are purchasing Apple鈥檚 latest with wild abandon, others are holding back, skeptical of that聽whole 鈥no headphone jack鈥 thing. For the doubters among you, hear this: There may soon be聽a solution in the form of a case for your phone that will replace聽the headphone jack.


Manufactured by Fuze, the conceptual case aims to聽give the people back their beloved 3.5mm port. It looks just like any other case, but hidden inside is a converter that will allow you to use your regular headphones without having to worry about a dongle or adapter.聽It also eliminates that whole 鈥渨hat do I do if I want to charge my phone and listen with my headphones at the same time鈥 problem, as it comes with a massive battery that can double your phone鈥檚 current聽life 鈥 double Score!

The case is selling now on Indiegogo聽for $59 as an early bird special, with the first batch targeted to ship in December should they reach their funding goal. It will come in five colors: white, black, gold, rose gold and blue.

Check out the product鈥檚 cheeky video below and prepare yourself to accept the latest wave of the future!

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Indiegogo + Getty)