Of all the iPhone 7 announcements on Wednesday, the most drastic ones were probably those about how the listening experience is changing. Since the event, there’s been quite a bit of backlash (wariness at best) about how Apple is changing what we put in our ears.

But Quartz pointed out a great update that comes with getting rid of the audio jack: better sound quality. Basically, because the lightning port is able to transfer data digitally, the sound quality is not compressed, like it is when listening through an audio jack. And this better quality isn’t just for audiophiles; apparently, even normals can hear better sound. Score!

And those controversial AirPod earbuds are apparently not as easy to lose as everybody thought they would be. They too have better audio quality than earbuds through the audio jack. Although Apple earbuds are prone to falling out, according to 9 to 5 Mac, there is some audio magic that makes sure they stay in (even while headbanging) and sound isolation that makes sure it blocks out everything outside the music.

The audio jack is dead; long live all the other possibilities.

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(Photos via Apple)