If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your day job, packing up your stylish travel essentials and jetsetting the globe, you are definitely not alone. But after a few months of globetrotting through Pinterest’s top travel locations, you’ll probably notice that your bank account is a ghost of what it once was. Well, according to the domain site .ME, the answer to this problem is simple: Become a digital nomad.

Young woman lying in a hammock with laptop

But what the heck is a digital nomad? A digital nomad is someone with a small business that mainly caters to online clients — for instance, a freelance writer or graphic designer. Because their job is so flexible (AKA they can set their own hours and determine their own workload), they have the freedom to travel the world AND work online at the same time.

Combining numerous studies and articles from the BBC, Upwork and others, .ME crafted a cool infographic that shows all the reasons why you should drop everything and become a digital nomad.

For example, not only do 52 percent of digital nomads only work 10 to 35 hours per week (leaving them plenty of time to explore new cities), most workers actually report earning MORE money after going nomad. In fact, the drawbacks are so few that 79 percent feel like they’d stick to this gig their entire life.

Digital Nomads Infographic

Plus, even if traveling alone gives you anxiety, there are organizations like RemoteYear which allows a group of digital nomads to explore the world together for a 12-month span of co-traveling and working. So what are you waiting for — let’s all travel the globe, ladies!

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(Feature photo via Getty, infographic via .ME)