It’s a universal truth that everyone is broke around the holidays. Between shelling out for holiday parties, outfits and uh, you know, presents for everybody on your list, it’s understandable when the purse strings get a little tight. But don’t worry. We’re here to rescue you and your wallet. If you don’t know about Honey, you need to buckle yourself in. This could change your life.

Mixed race woman shopping online in kitchen

Honey is an internet browser extension whose sole purpose in life is to save you money ON LITERALLY ANYTHING. (And we don’t use the word “literally” lightly.) Whether you’re ordering Seamless food to your house or presents from Amazon or that super weird book from that super niche site that nobody knows about, Honey will scour the internet for any coupon codes available and try them all automatically. Yeah, seriously.

Once the items are in your cart and you go to check out, the honey icon will light up orange. Once you click it, it will begin trying all the coupon codes it can find. Also: The service is super smart. So if there’s a coupon that will save you the most money — or if the check-out will allow multiple coupons, Honey is on it.

You can get Honey here. Try it in action ASAP and get back to us with your thanks thoughts.

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