Halloween is just around the corner, and although you’re probably busy preparing your costume, your party or your snacks, there’s a much spookier issue lurking under our noses. (Bum bum bum…) There’s a new scam circulating around Facebook that uses your profile picture to steal $$$ from your friends and fam. Not cool!

Focus on opportunities

Basically, the scammer steals your profile pic, name and any identifying features that are up on Facebook to create an entirely new profile that looks like you. Then they’ll send friend requests to your friends. Once your friend accepts, the scammer will hit them up on Messenger and talk cute for a while (as you) and then hit them up and ask for money.

Eeek, nothing scarier, right? But there’s a super simple way to keep yourself protected from this Facebook identity theft. Head over to your settings and do a “privacy checkup” just to see who is able to view what you’re posting. As always, be super careful about what you’re posting online. Keep your posts’ audience limited to friends and you should be in the clear.

And if one of your friends suddenly makes a new account, requests you and asks for money, you know what to do. Keep your Halloween zero tricks and all treats.

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(h/t Popsugar; photos via Getty)