Even if you love Halloween as much as the next gal, do you really want to keep shelling out $60 for a store-bought costume every year? Heck no! Whether you’re a busy girl who doesn’t have time to turn out a next-level costume or a lazy girl who just… can’t even, we know that come October 30 you prob won’t have anything in the pipeline. Don’t panic. Be girlboss-smart and just get creative with what’s already in your closet. Your squad will still be looking strong wherever you decide to spend fright night. Here are 44 Halloween costumes using stuff you already own.

1. Wednesday Adams: You’re creepy and you’re kooky. You’re out the door in 10 minutes with this costume. All you’ll need is a black dress, white collar, black tights and black lipstick.

2. Audrey Hepburn: Channel your inner Holly Golightly and have Breakfast at Tiffany’s this Halloween. All you’ll need is a black dress, pearls, tiara and long cigarette. Extra credit if you bring along your cat.

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3. Frida Kahlo: Kahlo might be best known for her signature unibrow, but her outfits and next-level color combos were also pretty fabulous. Pull off this look with a flower crown, floral fashion and funky earrings. Don’t forget to pencil in the ‘brow!

4. Morton’s Salt Girl: How cute is the famous girl on the salt shaker? You know, the one that’s hiding in the back of your spice cabinet? To pull off her look, you’ll need a yellow dress, white tights, salt and umbrella.

Flight Attendant Halloween Costume

5. Flight Attendant: Head out on the town or navigate the friendly skies? Whatever your plans are, you’ll be ready in no time with this super easy costume! All you have to wear is a navy or red skirt, white blouse and printed scarf. Throw in a suitcase and wing pin if you’re feeling fancy. (Photo via Flickr user Jessica Quirk)

6. Troll: How much did you love your Troll doll as a kid? Now you can dress up as a life-size one with stuff you probably already have around the house. How great is that? You’ll just need a nude body suit or any nude-colored clothing, a felt diamond you can cut and any colorful wig.

Lorelai Gilmore Halloween Costume

7. Lorelai Gilmore: Is it laundry day again? No worries, you’ll be looking amazing as Lorelai Gilmore with this last-minute look. Just wear a nubby sweater, chic denim and a corduroy jacket — they don’t even need to match. Bring a coffee mug with you in case you need to make a late-night stop at Luke’s. (Photo via The WB)

8. Netflix + Chill: Get your mind out of the gutter! You’re just getting ready for an epic horror movie marathon, right? Wear a red Netflix shirt and bring along a bag of ice to pull this off.

9. Harley Quinn fromSuicide Squad: Yes, you can look good while being bad! Pull off this mod super villain look with stuff you can find in your closet. Wear a bomber jacket and fishnet tights (don’t act like you don’t have them). Then put your hair in pigtails and pick up some pink and blue hair dye.

Party Animal Halloween Costumes

10. Party Animal: Ready to paint the town red? Get out there and party this Halloween, you crazy animal. Chances are you have a glitzy gown and any animal mask hanging around. So easy! (Photo via Brit + Co)

11. White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland: Head through the looking glass with this elevated Alice look. You’ll need a red blazer, pocket watch or clock and a white dress. Throw on white shoes, a bowtie and bunny ears, if you have some.


12. Burn Book: Be a walking TBT from Mean Girls for one night only, because on Halloween, we wear pink! You’ll need a pink dress with magazine-style letters cut out and pinned on to achieve this look. Aaron Samuels won’t even recognize you. (Photo via Jeff Mindell / Studio DIY)

13. Carmen Sandiego: Where in the world are you going to be this Halloween? Whether it’s going on a crime spree in London or Lisbon, you’ll be looking on fleek. Dress up in a red trench coat, fedora, black boots, leather pants and leather gloves.

amelie halloween costume

14. Amelie: Watching Amelie makes us have major French women #goals. For this easy costume, rock a red sweater, black dress and Dr. Martens boots. Bring along a garden gnome or spoon for creme brûlée! (Photo via Hikaru)

15. Miss Colombia/Miss Philippines: Relive the moment when Steve Harvey gave the crown to the wrong pageant queen, ouch. You and a friend will need dressy gowns, sashes and one tiara. #heartbreak

16. Darla from Finding Nemo: Just imagining Darla around a fish tank gives us the heebie jeebies. Her look is easy to pull off, though. Wear your hair in pig tails, wear a sweater or sweatshirt, use tube or wire for “headgear.” Bring along a plastic bag with a plastic fish and water inside.

17. Rosie the Riveter: Who run the world? Girls! Show everyone you mean some major #femalepower by dressing as Rosie the Riveter this year. Get to work in denim jeans, a denim shirt, boots and a bandana.


18. “Ex Wife”: Why are you so scary? Because it’s Halloween, duh! Pull off this look with a white dress and veil. Don’t go light on the bloody makeup, either. (Photo via XO Vain)

19. Minnie Mouse: So what if you’re a grown up? You’ll never stop loving Disney, like, ever. Show your love for Minnie Mouse with this adorable costume. You’ll just need to scrounge up a red skirt, black top, white gloves, red bow and sneakers.

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume

20. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: We get it — a tornado came and blew away your Halloween costume and crushed a witch, too, right? Get back on the yellow brick road to Halloween fun as Dorothy. Wear any blue dress, white shirt, red shoes, braids and a picnic basket. (Photo via The Joy of Fashion)

21: Bank Robber: Freeze! And hand over all the candy. Steal hearts on Halloween with this sexy bank robber costume. You’ll just need black pants, a black and white striped shirt, water gun, mask and a black hat.

22. Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum: Grab your best pal and go out together as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Bonus points if you speak in rhyme the whole night. Wear red pants, suspenders, yellow shirts, blue bow ties and red hats.


23. Wilson from Castaway: Tom Hanks was amazing in Castaway. But let’s be real, Wilson was the real star of the show. Show up in a white T-shirt with a red handprint. Bring along a volleyball or Fed-Ex box. (Photo via Katie in Kansas)

24. Mario: It’s you, Mario! And in five minutes, you’re ready to power up! All you’ll need is a rat hat, red shirt, overalls, red Converse sneaks and a fake mustache. Don’t forget to bring along Luigi.


25. 404 Page: If youre ready to just give up on having a costume this year, hold up! You can still go out as a 404-page. Just write on a white T-shirt with black marker and spell out “Error 404, Costume Not Found.” (Photo via Kelsey at CASCO FCU)

26. Where’s Waldo: Everyone will be able to find you in a crowd. This Waldo outfit really stands out! You’ll need jeans, a red and white striped shirt, glasses and red or striped beanie.

27. Aunt Flo: Wait, who invited Aunt Flo to the party? This might be the easiest costume of all time. And possibly the grossest or funniest, depending on your POV. Wear a red hat, red glasses, red dress, red gloves and bring your suitcase.

28: Mary Poppins: Everyone’s favorite nanny made even medicine taste better with a spoonful of sugar. This look might not scream sexy, but would work well for a last-minute Halloween work or kid’s party. Wear a dark skirt, white top, red bowtie and hat, and don’t forget your umbrella!


29. #BasicGirl: Admit it, you dress like this every day anyway. So you might as well embrace your #Basic look for Halloween. Wear some leggings, Ugg boots and a scarf, and bring a PSL Starbucks cup. (Photo via imgur user Fantasy Suicide)

30. Sadness: Feeling a little blue about not having a Halloween costume? Just go as Sadness from Inside Out. You’ll only need blue pants, a gray turtleneck, glasses, blue hair spray and blue makeup.


31. Elmer’s Glue: Everyone’s favorite craft supply can now double up as a Halloween look. Stick it to ’em and wear a white T-Shirt, orange hat and Elmer’s glue logo. (Photo via Eventbrite)


32. Dunkin Donuts: Fuel up for Halloween with this totally achievable look that’s as fun as your morning run for French vanilla iced coffee. You’ll need an inflatable donut pool float, basketball, basketball shoes, knee high socks and sweatband. (Photo via Pinterest user Maiah Xayavong)

33. Eleven from Stranger Things: Everyone and their mother are gossiping about Stranger Things. Dress up as Eleven and show off your psychic skills. You’ll need a pink dress, knee-high socks, blue coat, Eggo waffles and a fake bloody nose.

34. Flo from Progressive Insurance: You probably know Flo from all the Progressive commercials. Offer everyone the best rates on candy or booze. You’ll need an all-white outfit, Progressive logo, apron and “Flo” name tag.

35. Dancing Emoji Dolls: Grab a pal for this last-minute look that couldn’t be any easier. You’ll both need black leotards, black dance shoes, nude tights and black headbands with ears. Get ready to pose for lots of snaps.


36. Remote Co-Worker: You always wonder about telecommuters — are they working hard or barely working? You’ll definitely know how they’re dressing for Skype calls with this costume. Wear a button-down shirt, tie and pajama pants. (Photo via Jersey Moms Blog)


37: When Life Gives You Lemons: What happens when you need a costume last minute but all life (and your fridge) gives you is a bag of lemons? You make this costume! You’ll need a bag of lemons and a white T-shirt that says “life” on it. Done and done. (Photo via Buzzfeed)

38. Sushi: Your Halloween night will be on a roll if you show up as sushi. Dress it up with a colored pillow, belt, chopsticks and all-white outfit. Pro tip: Try not to spill any soy sauce on yourself.

39. Grapes: Don’t wine about not having a costume. You’ll be the opposite of sour grapes with this fun, fruity look. To pull it off, you’ll need purple balloons safety pinned onto an all purple outfit.


40. Birthday Cake: Your friends will love this look as much as any kid loves cake. It does require a bit of DIY: You’ll need birthday candles glued onto a headband. Then go for an all white or pink outfit. (Photo via Xovain.com)


41. Hawaiian Punch: Remember getting hyped up on the sugary beverage in elementary school? Throw it back to your juice box drinking days. You’ll need boxing gloves, Hawaiian lei, hula skirt and flower headband. Just think back to your last tiki party.


42. Donald Trump: The Donald might be the costume of 2016. To dress up as the Presidential candidate, wear Blue shorts, blue blazer, white shirt, red tie and “Make America Great Again” hat. Apologies in advance if you get fired before the night is over. (Photo via Esquire)

43. Brexit: Want your costume to be a real conversation starter? Everyone is going to want to chat you up about European politics if you show up as Brexit. Just wear anything with British flags or the European Union logo on it. (Photo via Toby Melville/Reuters)

44. Little Red Riding Hood: Forget the fairy tale. Red Riding Hood can be a downright sexy costume choice. To pull it off, you’ll need a black dress, red cape and a picnic basket.

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