We love tattooers that take a unique artistic style and make it their own. Our latest #tattooercrush, Poland-based Mariusz Trubisz (aka @mariusztrubisz), does just that with his modern, surrealist designs. After looking at his intricate B+W designs and bright pops of primary colors, you’ll seriously feel as if you are walking through the MoMA. Read on to peep some of his most eye-catching ink.


1. Painted Lady: Inspired by artist Johnny Robles, this arm ink is all kinds of modern-art awesome.


2. Kitty Dreams: This has got to be the coolest minimalist cat tattoo we have ever laid our eyes on. Paired with the moon on a string and a geometric prism, this kitty is dreaming sweet, galactic dreams.


3. Pyramid Eye: There’s a lot going on here, but in this case, the bizarre combination really works. With its surrealist style, geometric shapes and amazing shading, this awe-inspiring tat is an endless source of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.28.32 PM

4. Land Ho!: This modern, nautical tattoo is quite the scene. From its bright colors and cool linework to the geometric shapes undersea, everything going on here is beyond awesome.


5. Coffee Aroma: This tat pretty much sums up how we feel about our morning cup of joe. After we take our first sips, the creativity just explodes out of us like a rainbow.


6. The Navigator: A little more realistic than the rest of Trubisz’s ink, this tattoo has intricate detail and shading that sets it apart. Oh, the colorful prisms and lone eyeball help too.


7. Pretty Bird: Tweet, tweet! How adorable is this bird? The mix of bright colors and contrasting B+W patterns make this little guy both modern and sweet.


8. Witchy Woman: We heart this tat so much that we might just steal the witchy look for Halloween.


9. Yin + Yang: Everyone needs balance in their chi. This colorful yin + yang tattoo would definitely help get you there.


10. Ge-owl-metric: We’re giving three hoots for this colorful and geometric-inspired tattoo. The mountainscape body is way cooler than the usual feather getup.


11. Modern Compass Rose: Anyone could find their way with this awesome piece. We love the combination of old- and new-school ink here.


12. Mermaid Warrior: Ariel ain’t got nothing on this badass, statuesque sea siren. The orange outline and bright, venn diagram-esque shield really make her pop.


13. Galactic Thoughts: Our galaxy-obsessed hearts are absolutely smitten with this surreal ink. Who needs a brain when you can have Saturn instead?


14. Lucky Lemur: A lemur might not have been our first choice for ink, but one look at this tat and we are convinced it needs to be on our bod pronto. The geometric outline and bright pops of color here are totally wild.


15. Grandma + Mountains: This True Detective-esque visage is absolutely stunning. The best part? It is titled “Grandma.” Talk about a sweet memento.


16. K2: This one’s for all you outdoorspeople. Just pair your favorite mountain with some bright, layered circles for the ultimate nature-inspired ink.


17. Hands Together: Color brings everyone together, including these lifelike B+W hands.


18. Frida Kahlo: If you are going to wear your anatomical heart on your sleeve, you might as well pair it with uber-talented artist Frida Kahlo. We think she would definitely approve of this work of art.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @mariusztrubisz)