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It鈥檚 encouraging to see pockets of culture slowly making strides toward being more body positive, but the sad reality is that a lot of us could still stand to see better representation of different kinds of bodies. It鈥檚 mega-frustrating 鈥 and super eye-opening 鈥 to regularly see young women (such as Ariel Winter) be scrutinized for their bodies and how they choose to dress. And now, a viral hashtag is pointing out that shaming young women for how they look often starts so early for so many.

#TheySaid first surfaced when Sally Bergesen, the founder of the women鈥檚 running apparel company Oiselle, asked for women to share their body-shaming stories. She shared her own too, admitting that when she was 12 鈥 12! 鈥 her dad said to her, 鈥淜eep eating like that and you鈥檙e going to be a butterball.鈥 From there, many other women shared their similar experiences, often from when they were very young.

While a lot of the experiences shared on #TheySaid pertain to women being told they鈥檙e too heavy, the hashtag also highlights many instances of the opposite 鈥 women being told they鈥檙e too skinny. And some, too athletic. It underlines what many women feel about their appearance 鈥 that sometimes, there鈥檚 just no winning.

Many users, if not adding their own experiences, have said that scrolling the hashtag is like deja vu. Another user even said that though they鈥檇 like to participate, it was too embarrassing and hurtful, and simply too hard to do. No kidding.

Scanning the #TheySaid hashtag can be difficult, but it鈥檚 also an important and eye-opening reality check. Too often (especially from family) we hear these comments and are expected to take them as a 鈥渏oke,鈥 but #TheySaid proves that they鈥檙e hurtful, damaging, and formative. With any luck, the #SheReplied response hashtag will help better equip women with constructive and healthy responses and, eventually, mindsets.

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