We’ve all seen and heard of some pretty out-there wedding ideas, like the super adorable Where the Wild Things Are wedding, but imagine actually having a real-life mermaid-inspired wedding? With three Little Mermaid movies coming out in the future, including a surprising one coming up in May, we suspect that mermaid-themed weddings will be on the rise. But this wedding takes the cake for being way more than any of our expectations.


In a blog post on photographer Sol Temargo’s website called “The Impossible Wedding,” the bride and photographer talk about how they took mermaid bride Susana’s dreams and made them a reality together. The wedding in and of itself was a challenge, being that it was a destination Cozumel wedding, never mind the fact that the entire wedding party took part in a ceremony that happened in the ocean!

“We had a wedding planner who told us: ‘You can’t get married in the ocean, it’s much too complicated,’ so we thought, OK, we’ll get married on the beach like everyone else!” Susana wrote in the blog post. But photographer Sol loves the ocean, and she pushed for the bride to pursue her dreams.

“I love the water, any chance I have I tell the people to jump in the water for photographs! The idea of having a whole wedding ceremony in the water was incredible!” Sol said, adding, ” Susana’s vision was a dream come true for her, Jovany and ME!!!! When do you get to photograph a wedding in the ocean, with a surf board and an altar?”

While we can’t even imagine how this wedding can be topped, we’re sure that Susana and her new husband Jovany will be able to talk about their special day for the rest of their lives.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; Photos via Del Sol Photography