Admit it: Sometimes it’s easy to forget — on purpose or by accident — to put on your helmet to go on a bike ride, no matter how short or long. They can be itchy, cumbersome and sometimes even downright ugly, but all that is solved in one fell swoop with Thousand’s new eco-friendly, technologically advanced bike helmet.


Named for the fact that there are nearly 1,000 fatal bike accidents a year, Thousand aims to simply limit that number with a stylish, mindful helmet you actually want to wear.


The straps are made of vegan leather for a trendy, fashionable pop, and they use eco-friendly materials that are then made in ethically mindful factories. There’s a patent-pending magnetic closure too — no more pinched fingers — and seven internal cooling air vents to keep your head sweat free.


The team, who lost a friend to a bike accident, went above and beyond the US and European safety standards required of them to make this helmet safe and effective. They will even replace your helmet if the built-in lock malfunctions and allows a bike thief to get their hands on your helmet while its locked to your bike.


Thousand also takes it to the next level with their stylish color offerings — carbon black, thousand navy, moonlight white and a Kickstarter exclusive, gold, which you can get with a $90 pledge.

Bike bright and safely out there!

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