Whether you’re a daily bike commuter, Sunday rider or an extreme cyclist, your bike deserves a proper spot in your home. You polish it, you grease its chain and, in return, it has faithfully gotten you from point A to point B, all while making your buns look great! You love that two-wheeler, so why not make a place for it? Don’t feel daunted by your spacial restrictions, studio dwellers. With these storage designs, shoving your bike in a corner will be a thing of the past.

1. Wooden Bike Rack ($91): These nifty little wooden posts are so easy to install they’ll make you wonder why you didn’t think of it first. You can get them in natural or neon to blend in or stand out.

2. Under-the-Stair Storage: Got some unused space under your staircase? Just rig up some bike hooks for clever, easy storage. There was nothing else under there anyway. (via Dwell Magazine)

3. Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand ($75): If you live with a fellow bike lover, this stand is a great space saver for the both of you. And doesn’t it just look so snazzy?

4. Vertical Bike Rack: Here’s a DIY alternative to the two-bike vertical stand, and believe it or not, this is an IKEA hack! It’s only $40 to pull off and should only take you around 30 minutes to make. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. The Bike Shelf ($299): Who knew your bike could fit on a shelf? Pick your favorite books, plants or knickknacks and showcase them next to your favorite ride.

6. Custom DIY Wall Rack: If you love bicycles as much as we do, building a plaque for them just makes sense. (via MiniPenny)

7. Bicycle Hoist ($35): If you can spare the ceiling space, this aerial solution could be the perfect thing for your bike. Just hook it and pull!

8. Hood Storage ($308): Your bike is a work of art, so it’s only right to store it as part of a sculpture.

9. Cycloc Solo ($102): This adorable wall mount is a fun, convenient way to just pop your bike in and out when you’re on the go.

10. Shoes Books and Bike ($880): Your entryway just got upgraded. With shoes below and bike above, you have all your riding necessities right by the front door.

11. Bike Rack With Basket ($39): This storage solution can go outdoors or indoors. It’s an easy way to prop up your wheels, and stash your bike gear ’til the next ride.

12. Gladiator Bike Hook ($21): Got a garage? A ceiling hook is an easy solution to getting your bike off the ground.

13. Statement Bike Rack ($250): This is the fanciest coat hook you’ve ever seen, except it’s for your bike. With or without your bicycle in tow, this rack design is absolutely elegant.

14. ThinBike ($1,800): We’re about to blow your mind. What if space-saving bike storage has nothing to do with your space and everything to do with your bike? The ThinBike will set your bank account back a bit, but creator Graham Hill has suggestions for making thinning modifications to your current set of wheels.

Got any clever ideas for storing your bike? Let us know in the comments!