More often than not, clichés are only clichés because they’re true, and this is certainly the case for the old saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day.” There literally aren’t enough hours in the day. Honestly, we could use approximately another 24 to accomplish and enjoy all the things, finish off our to-do lists, and achieve inbox zero (#goals). Who should we talk to about making that happen?

Yeah, we know. It’s probably a long shot.

In the meantime, technology is here to help save the day. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps out there to help save time on a variety of tasks and routines that typically take up big chunks of our all-too-short days. Keep scrolling for all the details on these tools.

basis app

1. Basis: If you’re going through a hard time and wish you had someone to talk to, you might find that a lack of time is the thing holding you back from getting the counseling you need. Basis seeks to change that. The team behind this app believes that your mental wellness should fit seamlessly into your routine. You can easily book an appointment through the app. Then, you’ll talk with a specialist trained by an esteemed Stanford psychologist. Basis will save you time in the booking and counseling process itself, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll find yourself a lot more productive in other areas of your life when you’re taking better care of your mental health.

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cladwell app

2. Cladwell: It’s not hard to get sick of the clothes you have hanging in your closet, and you can spend a lot of time staring at your existing wardrobe, trying to figure out how to mix it up so you feel a little less bored with your style. That time adds up! With Cladwell, you can catalog every item in your closet by tagging each piece with a general category (dark jeans, white sweater, etc.). Using that information and weather data, the app will then recommend you a new outfit each day. No more wasting time pondering your clothes.

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mealplan app

3. Mealplan: You want to be the kind of person who meticulously plans out their meals every week. You want to have an accurate grocery list and a built-in plan for leftovers. You want to feel good about the meals you have on schedule so that you’re not mindlessly reaching for snacks you don’t even like very much. You really do… but there’s just not enough time! Or is there? The Mealplan app allows you to do all of your meal planning in a single interface. You can drag and drop meals between days, automatically generate grocery lists, and search and select from recipes all over the internet.

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google keep app

4. Google Keep: Don’t you think you would waste a lot less of your precious time if you didn’t have to worry about racking your brain for the random — but important — pieces of information that seem to be constantly slipping your mind? Answer: You would. Google Keep gives you an organized place to capture all kinds of thoughts and task lists so you can stop thinking about what you have to do and actually do it.

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retail me not app

5. RetailMeNot: Time and money are both limited commodities, and the RetailMeNot app works to help you reclaim both. It allows you to scan for local deals, claim cash back offers, and even map out a money-saving shopping trip to multiple stores. You can redeem coupons right from your phone and save the hours searching for sales and coupon codes. We have a feeling you’ll knock out your errands much faster (and more cost effectively) with this app on your side.

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flat tomato app

6. Flat Tomato: According to the Pomodoro time management technique, we are most productive when we break out work sessions into 25-minute intervals with short breaks in between. Flat Tomato has turned this concept into a beautifully designed app. Within the platform, you can record tasks, estimate how long each one will take, and set 25-minute timers so you can put the method to the test.

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remember the milk app

7. Remember the Milk: Are you a to-do list junkie, always on the hunt for another productivity app that will help you keep all of your tasks in order? Remember the Milk may be your new fave. Each task is tagged with a due date, priority level, and a repeat date (if applicable). You can then opt to get a reminder via email, text, tweet, or app notification. Lists can be customized with colors, shared with others, and broken down further with subtasks. Sounds like a good tool for your productivity arsenal, no?

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