There is so much about French girls to admire. Their drool-worthy style a la Paris fashion week, their effortlessly iconic hair and their ability to eat what they want and still remain slim. Our newest obsession, however, is a bit more edgy — the French-girl tattoo. Here in the ol’ US of A, we’re all about go big or go home, and that includes our tats. But in France, the ink tends to be much smaller and more understated, making it just as wearable as your fave pair of simple studs. Here are 13 micro-tattoos that everyone can get behind.

1. Fly Away: Achieve inner peace with this tiny dove tattoo that speaks volumes with just a few simple lines. Its delicate placement on the ankle makes the statement that much more personal — and private.

2. Tiny Poppy: Piercings aren’t the only type of body modifications for your ears. Go for a micro flower on your helix — bonus points for getting pierced in the center of the flower.

3. Micro Scissors: Show off your workplace pride with a tiny tat that honors your profession. Whether you’re a hairstylist, fashion designer or skilled crafter, this pair of scissors will make you smile whenever you catch a glimpse.

4. Itsy Seashells: Opt for a tiny tattoo just along your side when you want to keep a secret all to yourself, or as a surprise for bae. When you’re ready to show it off, look to daring dresses and strategic tops that show just the right amount of skin.

5. Sail Away: These matching nautical-themed tattoos are more than meets the eye. The ship’s wheel represents purpose, while the anchor represents stability. They’re the perfect tats for peeps who rock at adulting.

6. Smile: This tiny tat is cute, personal and handy. On the personal end, you can show the world how much you love to take snaps. On the professional side, your ink will remind your subjects to smile for the camera without you having to prompt them.

7. Itty Bitty Wave: Moving away from the water can feel like leaving a piece of yourself on the shoreline. Take the calming, soothing tide with you via this wave tattoo until you can sink your toes into the surf and sand once again.

8. Secret Symbols: Random symbols are so 2000s. Glyphs are the new ink trend, and they hold coded meanings. This triangle with a line through it represents the element of air.

9. Peace Ring: Kiss grayscale goodbye and go for some color. These multicolored intersecting olive branches come in peace, while their multi-blue and purple hues soothe the soul.

10. Wee Note: We love the delicate look of this single note tattoo. This teeny ink on the tragus packs a big punch for such a small space.

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11. I Spy: This all-seeing eye is a permanent good luck charm. You’ll ward off bad vibes no matter where you go, and it’ll keep you prepared to do battle with bad mojo.

12. Pint-Sized Pixel: This heart tattoo is tailor made for gamers. While everyone else will see a three-bit ode to love, fans will see an homage to Link and the Legend of Zelda.

13. Ladybug: For many, ladybugs are a reminder of youthful days tracking and (temporarily) capturing the spotted beetles. For others, the bugs symbolize luck and abundance. Whatever you believe, this piece of permanent micro-art is pretty enough for a permanent spot on your bod.

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