You might love decorating a new home, but it would be a stretch to say you love the actual moving part. Whether you’re relocating for a job transition or shacking up with your S.O., moving is one of the toughest realities of adulting. But, like a good glass of rosé after a long work day, we’re here to help. From clearing clutter to lifting heavy boxes like a #boss, here are six tips to simplify the process.

Stack of Boxes in New House

1. Tame the clutter. Life is messy, but your move doesn’t have to be. Grab a bestie, blast some Britney Spears and start organizing all the stuff you’ve accumulated over time. Use a Keep, Donate, Recycle, or Trash system to make things easier and make a day or weekend of it and go room-by-room with the labeled boxes. The key is to ask yourself: “Have I used or worn this in the last six months? Will this item help me create the home I want?” For any questionable items, defer to your bestie.

2. Color-code by room. This concept isn’t just for day planners anymore. Put those creative brains to work and organize your moving boxes by color. (Seal boxes with different Bazic Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape [$10, set of six].)This will help the movers determine which boxes go where *and* make finding your wine glasses in the red boxes that much easier on night one in the new place. Cheers to that!

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3. Make a master moving list. List-lovers, this is your time to shine. Keep organized in the weeks before the big transition with a step-by-step outline of tasks and to-dos. Type up an easy-to-follow moving guide, or make your own handwritten list. Just make sure to keep it easily accessible, and laminate it if possible (you’ll thank us later!).

4. Alleviate heavy lifting. You may not be moving mountains, but a box full of book-club novels sure can make it feel like you are. Grab a dolly or create triangle handholds on sealed moving boxes, using a utility knife. This will mean less potential back injury and safer transit. Plus, your mani will stay fresh.

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5. Keep essentials in reach. Use a carry-all basket to keep moving essentials (packing tape, scissors, pizza) within reach. Store the container in a central location so everyone can keep the packing process moving along, even when the last-minute chaos kicks in.

6. Pack a personal bag. Pack clothes and toiletries as though you’re about to embark on a weekend trip. Because let’s face it: With all your goodies packed away, you’ll probably feel like you are. Not only will planning ahead allow you to shower at the end of a long day, but it’ll prevent having to open boxes to search for your deodorant or a fresh change of clothes.

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