You know that familiar scene when you’re rushing out the door, already late, and then you realize that you can’t find your keys? Or even worse, your phone or wallet? What about the crazy anxiety you get when you realize your luggage has yet to come down the luggage belt once it stops moving? Don’t worry, these things happen to the best of us. But now there’s a way to prevent that dreaded lost-and-found scenario from ever happening again. It’s a new product called Stick-n-Find, ultra small Bluetooth-enabled location stickers that can adhere to just about anything, from devices to animals!

Stick-n-Find stickers are about the size of a quarter and stick to most surfaces, including glass, metal, and even survive harsh outdoor environments (great to stick on your skis if you’re a beginner skier on a powder day!). They work by emitting bluetooth signal to the Stick-n-Find app that you’ll need to download on your phone (or on multiple phones if you fear you might lose one).

To locate your lost object, you can use the radar screen (just like in the movies!), which will show you how far away you are from it. If you’re still having trouble locating the lost object, you can make the sticker beep or flash with the app as well. Just walk towards the flashing light.

Want to track your pet’s location? This app also has a virtual leash feature, which sends you an alert if your dog or cat goes beyond a distance that you’ve set (assuming your dog or cat has a sticker on its collar, of course). This is perfect for when your mischievous pet runs too far from the front yard and is something I’m FOR SURE going to buy to track my young and still mischievous pup, Pixel. What’s even cooler is that you can set a reverse leash, which means that if you get too far from an item with a sticker, it’ll buzz and remind you to pick it up.

Keys, remotes, luggage, pets… what can’t this thing track?! Heck, I’m even thinking of putting one on my husband for safe measure ;)

Wanna be one of the first to have the Stick N Find? Head over to Indiegogo. For $35, you can get 2 early bird stickers that are scheduled to ship in March 2013. We’re definitely “stuck” on this idea!

What other methods do you use to find lost items? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.