Trader Joe鈥檚 has given us plenty of delicious new reasons to get our eat (and drink!) on in the last year, including cauliflower pizza (yum!) and coffee milk. Your favorite grocery store is upping the temptation game even further, however, with yet another new treat, and this one caters to our sweet tooth: frosted sugar cookies!

Trader Joe's Frosted Sugar Cookies

The grocery chain is now selling the sugary, cake-like desserts, because, 鈥淎s the saying goes, a sugar cookie a day keeps the doldrums away. Or, that鈥檚 how it should go. Because it鈥檚 entirely true.鈥

As with most things Trader Joe鈥檚, these aren鈥檛 your average run-of-the-mill cookies. While they still boast an ultra-soft base made of flour, sugar, margarine, eggs, and butter, slathered with cream-colored frosting and dusted with rainbow sprinkles of green, blue, yellow, and pink, they鈥檙e dyed using fruit and vegetable extracts instead of artificial coloring (meaning you shouldn鈥檛 feel too guilty about eating one鈥 or five).

You can get them in a box of 10 for just $3 (that鈥檚 just .30 a cookie!), making them a far more affordable indulgence than, say, a gourmet cupcake, and at just 160 calories per cookie (the average cupcake is roughly 450), they鈥檙e also better suited for helping you keep those New Year鈥檚 resolutions.

Happy snacking!

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(Photos via Trader Joe鈥檚 + Joe Raedle/Getty)