Okay, okay, you’re probably thinking “Tahini? In a dessert?” Yep, that special ingredient you put in your quick lunch recipes is about to get a serious upgrade. It’s time to ditch the hummus and basic tahini spread, and satisfy your sweet tooth. Its slightly nutty flavor and totally smooth texture make for the perfect addition to your favorite desserts. From nom-worthy summer popsicles to the most delicious milkshake out there, your tastebuds will thank you.


1. Tahini Raspberry Rosewater Popsicles: It’s *almost* sweet summertime, which means it’s time to break out the popsicle molds. Bookmark this tahini raspberry option for a rich and refreshing treat to indulge in all summer long. (via Tasty Yummies)


2. Halva Chocolate Spread: Tahini, honey, cocoa powder and salt are all it takes to make this delicious spread. Goodbye avocado toast, hello tahini toast! (via PBS)


3. Chocolate Sesame Tart With Grapefruit: The combination of grapefruit and chocolate in this recipe make for a tart with *just* the right amount of sweetness. Oh, and the tahini? It’s just an added bonus. (via My Name Is Yeh)


4. Banana Tahini Milkshake: If you’re looking for a milkshake that you *don’t* have to feel bad about drinking, look no further. Combine bananas, tahini and fresh dates to give your vegan milkshake some serious flavor. (via Food Porn, Vegan Style)


5. Tahini Granola: Your morning just got a little sweeter. Kick your traditional yogurt and granola up a notch with a hint of tahini and some yummy berries. Now that’s how to get your morning started. (via Hur Bra Som Helst)


6. Tahini Ice Cream With Honey Caramel: Take advantage of the honey you picked up at the farmers’ market and whip up something delish. Warning: This ice cream, caramel and tahini combo is going to be your fave sweet treat this summer. (via Butterlust)


7. Chocolate Tahini Oat Bites: What’s better than a snack you can throw in your purse on the way to work? Answer: Nothing. Give yourself a midday pick-me-up with these chocolate oat bites. (via Potluck at Oh My Veggies)


8. Coconut Maple Tahini Granola: You can’t go wrong with a bowl of granola to start your day. Use this recipe to make a coconut, maple and tahini option, and you’ll never want to begin your morning any other way. (via Diary of an ExSloth)


9. Fudgy Coconut Tahini Bites: On the hunt for a guilt-free dessert? Make these fudgy coconut tahini bites for the perfect after-dinner treat. The coconut gives these bites a little crunch, while the maple syrup and cinnamon make them super rich. (via 24 Carrot Life)


10. Hemp, Chocolate + Tahini Coconut Bars: These bars are just as photogenic as they are delicious. Use hemp, chocolate, tahini and other ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry to make this dessert for your next dinner party. (via Nirvana Cakery)


11. Cinnamon Tahini Cookies: When in doubt, a cookie can do no wrong… especially when cinnamon and tahini are added to the mix. Want in on a little secret? These cookies are made with sweet potatoes, so they’re basically a vegetable ;) (via Sweet Potato Soul)


12. Salted Tahini Chocolate Pudding: Switch things up a bit from your basic chocolate pudding and make this salted tahini version. It’s perfect for kiddos *and* adults, so you won’t regret sweetening up everyone’s day with this recipe. (via Brewing Happiness)


13. Salted Tahini Cups With Coffee Filling: Equipped with ginger, cardamom and coffee filling, these tahini cups are what your sweet tooth is wishing for. Oh, and they’re raw, vegan and dairy free… AKA you can eat as many as you want and not feel bad about it :) (via Eat Real Food NYC)


14. Tahini Donuts With Pomegranate Hibiscus Glaze: TBH, any donut is a good donut. But when you add a little tahini and a pomegranate glaze? It’s a life-changing donut. (via Twigg Studios)


15. Sesame Tahini Cookies: Finding a cookie that best pairs with your cup of afternoon tea or coffee can be a difficult task. Well, it was until now! Whip up a batch of these sesame tahini cookies to get you through your afternoon to-do list. (via Taste Love and Nourish)


16. Cherry Tahini Thumbprint Cookies: Everyone’s favorite holiday cookies just got taken to a whole new level. Make tahini thumbprint cookies and add a dollop of cherry filling to make them that much better. (via Nibs + Greens)


17. Chocolate Tahini Cookies: Gluten-free peeps, rejoice! These chocolate tahini cookies are totally up your alley if you’ve got sweets on the brain. Go ahead and make a double batch, because you won’t be able to eat just one. (via Salted Plains)


18. Brownies With Berries + Tahini: You’ll never make another batch of brownies from a box again after you try this recipe. With the addition of tahini and berry baby food (yes, you read that right), your dinner party guests will be asking for the recipe STAT. (via Food Faith Fitness)


19. Chocolate-Dipped Tahini Cookies: Dipping any cookie in chocolate makes it a cookie we want to eat, but these are totally next-level. On top of *all* the sweetness from the other ingredients, these cookies have a hint of zesty blood orange that will leave your mouth watering. (via Will Frolic for Food)

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