There are plenty of Trader Joe’s products to fall in love with. The store is known for its unique mix of convenience, creativity, and gourmet factor, and its newest offering is going to rock your socks: COFFEE SYRUP. Not dissimilar to chocolate syrup, which you can mix into your milk in order to create chocolate milk, this new coffee syrup will give your glass of moo a definitive coffee flavor. Move over, cereal milk recipes — coffee milk is where its at.

In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s the scoop. Trader Joe’s Coffee Syrup is made with just three ingredients: cane sugar, coffee, and water. (What a concept — ingredients we can pronounce!) Its as delicious as it is unique. In addition to mixing it in with milk to create coffee milk, it can also be used in milkshakes, to sweeten your coffee, or as an ingredient in dessert recipes. The best part is that it’s *super* affordable: For a limited time, it’s on sale at TJ’s for just $4.49.

As is to be expected, Instagram is going nuts over the new product. One user literally added the syrup to pancakes in place of maple, which we can only assume is a *delicious* combination.

Meanwhile, another user gave us one of the most ingenious ideas yet for using Coffee Syrup: mix it with coconut cream for an INSANELY delicious dairy-free coffee ice cream.

No matter how you slice it, it looks like Coffee Syrup is going to be a major trend this summer.

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