We’re all friends here so circle of trust, right? We think we can all agree that each one of us has been guilty of the crime commonly known as Texting-While-Walking at some point. Yes, it’s not the safest and yes, it’s annoying if you’re an innocent bystander in our clumsy path, but sometimes it’s necessary to Tweet that hilarious Tweet or press post on the ultimate Instagram. Or let your friend know that you’re “2 min away” — even if you’re more like… 5 min away.

Although there are apps that have tried to solve the problem for you, Apple is looking into a way to have “transparent texting” technology built right into your future iPhone. They see the light! Or, the sidewalk up ahead. Last week, they filed for a patent that could make an iPhone’s screen transparent during messaging through live video.

With the new technology, you’ll see video of what’s in front of you in place of that white background in iMessage like in the rendering above (h/t AppleInsider!). Texting and navigating your way from A to B will be easier and safer if you can see what’s happening in front of you too. Or at least that’s the thought.

It might also encourage more distraction. While having Siri or even CarPlay at your fingertips while driving is better than, say, looking down when you’re behind the wheel, some might argue that it still takes your focus off the road. Transparent texting might have tipped this guy off to the BEAR in front of him sooner, but just not texting would have sent him running, like, five steps back.

If you want to try this multi-tasking move before it is a standard iPhone feature, there are a couple apps out now that will help you achieve transparent texting mode. Type n Walk lets you type and text or even Tweet on your iPhone. Walk N Text for Android lets you read articles and see what’s happening in front of you too.

‘Fess up: Do you text and walk? Has it ever been as bad as the above?