Since we’re almost constantly in a haze of transforming, repurposing, and upcycling our most well-loved seats, stoops and side tables, we were pretty shocked to read that according to 2009 statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, furniture is the least recycled of all household items (WHAT!). Umm, have we got a website for all you desk dumpers to scroll through!

While we’ve hacked our fair share of living space statement pieces here at Brit + Co., Dutch designers Lucas en Lucas have taken things to a whole new level with the Trash Closet. The free-standing wardrobe was made completely from found furniture otherwise destined for the landfill. A jumble of chairs and table legs juts out from all sides of the fully-functional wardrobe that’s finished with a clean coat of white paint. The monochrome polish makes it really hard to tell that this quirky closet was constructed out of thrift store rejects, like it would look right at home in an ultra modern art dealer’s loft surrounded by sleeker and more minimal constructs.

It’s the kind of trash-to-treasure story we’re all too familiar with — what did we tell you, a new coat of paint will basically fix anything! — but the design duo is hoping the move will help raise awareness about how next-best consumerism is taking a rapid environmental toll (you know: chop, chop, timber :/). Superfans can show their support for the cause by actually purchasing a limited edition of the final prototype from the artists, though in true DIY spirit, we’d rather shovel out for the blueprints and make our own.

(h/t Design Milk)

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