If you’ve ever thought about combining your passion for knitting and woodworking—we’re here to encourage you to join your forces. ‘Cause even though they may seem like polar opposites in the DIY world, together they can yield some amazing results, like this minimalistic wool and wood bench. Not only does it look like something straight out of Pottery Barn, but thanks to the comfy knitted cushion, you’ll actually want to sit on it!

And trust us: all the elbow grease is worth it—you can make this stunning sitter for only $85. So let’s cut, carve, and purl our way to home decor heaven on the cheap.


– 2×12 8 foot long wood plank (we recommend a premium fir, as smooth and level as possible)

– set of iron bench legs
– yarn + knitting supplies

– Danish Oil finish


– RYOBI 18 Volt Cordless Drill

– RYOBI 18 Volt Circular Saw

– RYOBI Orbital Sander (+ 220 grit paper)

– Husky Box Cutter


1. Cut the 2×12 plank to eight feet long, or have a it cut to your desired length at a hardware store like Home Depot.

2. Carefully carve the edges with a box cutter (seriously, be careful).

3. Sand the wood till it’s smooth.

4. Oil the wood and let the finish dry.

5. Attach the legs—add any additional screws between the plate on one or two of the legs and the wood to get it as level as possible.

6. Knit your cushion, then slide it on the bench and secure it in place.

Remember, if you don’t have a circular saw on hand, you can always get your plank of wood cut to size at Home Depot or whatever hardware store has wood cutting capabilities—just request that your sturdy 2×12 slab is cut to eight feet long. Then carefully carve the edges with a box cutter to round them out. Sand, stain, and you’re about halfway there.

Now add the legs! We love this sleek industrial look of this set—they give this wooden bench a totally modern look. Just incase your wood is warped, you may need to insert a few screws between the plate on one or two of the legs and the wood to get it sitting straight.

Now put your power tools away and grab those knitting needles: it’s time to purl your heart out! I made this custom cushion out of chunky yarn in my spare time—we recommend getting your knit on in the days leading up to the bench assembly so that the finished project doesn’t lurk beyond that point. Once it’s done, slip it on over the legs (if we put the cushion before the legs, it might have gotten dirty) and tie it to secure.

Tip it on down, and you’re done. Even though it’s ripe for sitting, we understand if you have to stand and stare for the first few minutes: this modern piece of furniture is gorgeous. Not only super sleek thanks to the iron legs and rounded edges, but comfy to boot with that custom knitted cushion. The cream colored yarn makes it easy to add to practically any room, but you could always make it more vibrant by using bright colored yarn.

Enough ogling! Take a seat—you deserve it!

Have you ever made furniture from scratch? What pieces have you made? What pieces would you like to see us tackle step by step? Tell us in the comments below.