Ladies and gents, your travel wardrobe woes are about to be solved — in the form of a jacket. This Kickstarter campaign is sourcing funding to bring their super sweet travel jacket to market. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Anywhere Apparel was started by a group of young wanderers who realized during their multitude of travels that packing less and lighter can really only get you so far. As a result, they’ve created a super versatile, functional and chic travel jacket in both a men’s and women’s version.


Anywhere Apparel is comprised of a young crew that, according to their campaign site, “discovered travel on the brink of adulthood and throughout a number of jobs and years managed to keep it at the center of [their] lives.” But, alas, along the way they got acutely acquainted with the challenges of travel as well, particularly as it related to packing. “We found that our stuff kept getting in the way… we’d never found a brand designed [both] for function and the variety of cultures we wanted to explore.” And so, after many conversations with other travelers to buttress their ideas, the travel jacket series was formed.


The women’s jacket is reversible in order transition flawlessly across various social and cultural situations — one side is a rugged tweed and the other a chic, water-resistant fabric suited for more formal situations. It also sports a padded hood designed to function as the perfect nap pillow on long journeys.

travel 5

The men’s jacket is also designed to function in a multitude of circumstances, including overnight excursions, sporting hidden tow pockets in the back which can fit an entire change of clothes. Instead of being reversible, the men’s jacket is transformable: When the sleeves of the jacket are clipped together it forms a satchel bag (!).

travel 4

The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about your essentials getting nabbed while you’re out seeing the world as long as you’ve got this jacket in tow. Both the men’s and women’s styles feature a number of hidden, waterproof pockets that are sized specifically for passports, wallets, tickets, car keys and even a tablet.

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Depending on how generous you’re feeling, if you donate and this bad boy gets to market, you can walk away with anything from a twitter shout out or a postcard to the jacket itself plus a tee. A $675 project pledge scores you a women’s convertible jacket.

Whether or not you plan on giving, their Kickstarter video is worth a watch — it’ll make you want to hop on the next plane to anywhere and maybe even tear up a bit (we can’t help it — we’re suckers for sappy airport scenes).

What (besides this rad jacket) is on your list of travel essentials? ‘Gram them to us @britandco!