While the phrase “bikini body” is still paired most often with diets and workout plans (cringe), some amazing body-positive ladies like Tess Holliday have shown us we can wear what we want and celebrate our bodies in every size and shape. But scrolling through Instagram for some wanderlust inspo recently, we realized that a lot of the travel bloggers on our feed could double as runway models, which had us asking, “Where our curvy girls at?” Here are nine stunning jetsetters with killer curves to follow RN.

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Being a menace in Venice 😉

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1. @glographics: Gloria Atamo’s joyful spirit shines through in all of her colorful Insta posts, as well as her insightful and hilarious articles on The Blog Abroad. After graduating college in 2013, Gloria booked a one-way ticket to Europe: 45 countries later, this risk-taker is still committed to inspiring and empowering women to follow their dreams with her new book From Excuses to Excursions. We love how candid Gloria is about the challenges she faces along the way, including traveling as a black woman, losing her debit card immediately upon landing in a foreign country and maintaining relationships while traveling the world.

2. @gothreetwentyfour: Stephanie’s super passionate about empowering curvy women in travel and shares on her blog how traveling has changed her body image. As she’s traveled, Stephanie has learned to love her body — not hide it under piles of clothes — and she chronicles major body confidence moments, from wearing a bikini for the first time in ages to dressing appropriately for a summer hike (tank top and all). She also takes her travel photography seriously, so you’ll see some really interesting and beautiful shots on this body-positive babe’s Insta.

3. @foodfuntravel.rocks: Megsy has been traveling full-time since 2008, and with her hubby since 2010. Their Instagram feed is full of vibrant photos showcasing their extensive travels and amazing meals. After receiving a comment on her body from a hater, Megsy took to her blog to rally against the expectation that all female travelers should fit particular standards of beauty — and ask, where do the rest of us curvy travelers fit in? She definitely hasn’t let her curves slow her down, and neither should anyone else.

4. @biancakarina_: We die for this curvy girl’s outfits and her fun, on-location travel vids. She writes, “For a long time I told myself I would travel, eat and dress my fabulous self when I lost 20 pounds. Welp, 10 years have gone by and I’m done waiting for life to start. You can have an adventure at any size.” Amen. We love Bianca’s honesty about her journey toward a positive body image. She chronicles the super confident days and the bad days. Reflecting on the body positive community‘s effect on her, Bianca shares, “Thanks to the body positive community, I am more at home with myself and how I want to feel in my clothes, and not how people make me feel.”

5. @outdoorsydiva: This millennial mom proves that anyone can make time for adventure in their lives. Lauren embraces life and new (sometimes scary) experiences with an unwavering positive attitude… like the time she went to a nude resort. Going into the weekend full-speed-ahead, she saw her trip as a chance to learn more about the nudist lifestyle, as well as an “opportunity to confront some of my personal hang-ups and insecurities with my own body.” We love her “get everything out on the table” approach.

6. @thewhimsysoul: “I grew up in Wisconsin, where places like LA and New York were not only far away, but seemed only for those magical, skinny unicorn people,” Kara tells us. “To put it simply — I felt really average and really averagely beautiful. As I’ve grown up, I definitely don’t feel that way anymore, which is the main reason I started Whimsy Soul. I want to be an advocate for women who feel average to shed that mentality and be the best them — be that through body confidence, style risks or traveling.” Kara shows off her curves and amazing style in her Instagram posts.

7. @twodrifters: Amy and Nathan are that down-to-earth couple you want to be friends with. The newlyweds (they had a travel-themed wedding, people) met in a hostel in Scotland six years ago, and they’ve been traveling the world hand-in-hand ever since. We especially appreciate Amy’s musings on accepting her body and choosing to stop obsessing over the number on the scale in favor of fully embracing the present and enjoying life.

8. @diningtraveler: Foodies need to follow this account ASAP. The #foodporn and artisan cocktails Jessica enjoys on vacation and near her home in DC will having you planning a food-centric trip in no time. The new mom managed to visit eight countries while she was pregnant… and she’s not slowing down. “I plan to travel and blog with my daughter as we continue to see the world,” she tells us. Talk about a superwoman!

9. @sophiessuitcse: Sophie has been visiting destinations in the UK and abroad since she fell in love with traveling after her first planned trip to Vietnam in 2010. She managed to travel to 11 countries in 2016 alone — without quitting her job. This Londoner’s confidence shines through in her blog posts, but she’s definitely honest about her challenges too.

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