Hi all! Pistol Annies here… We’re getting ready to head out on the road for a few shows around the country this summer. And if you’re like us when you travel, you know that means lots and lots of photos! But the big question is—what do you do with those 2,542 photos you took? Well, with a little help from the folks here at Brit + Co, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Just a few things us girls thought would “Annie Up” your next trip!

Oh, and if you happen to be in Oklahoma City… head over to the Oklahoma Historical Society and take a peek at the Cowboy by the Buffalo Statue. He’s a pretty special guy— cause if you’re the first one to find the ViewMaster—you’ll win a flyaway trip to our secret show which is being announced soon.. Good luck!

1. Go Old School with an Image 3D ViewMaster: First up, we’ve got a custom ViewMaster. Remember looking through these things when you were a kid? Well this is so cool because you can customize your own. That means your own personal photos, captions, and you can even make a few to send to friends.

2. Create a DIY Photo Cozy: Want to daydream about your recent trip to Mexico while throwing back beers in your backyard? Turn your favorite ‘fiesta’ photos into cozies by following this simple tutorial. This is Angaleena’s favorite…

3. Make Glowing Photo Spheres: Now this little DIY here lets you take your photos and memories and light up an entire room! How cool would it be to take iconic landscape photos from a cross-country road trip and make a whole bunch of lanterns like this one? Perfect for party decorations!

4. Turn Digital Photos into Instant Prints: We totally lost it when we read about the Impossible Project’s most recent undertaking, a gadget that turns your smartphone photos into Polaroid-style prints. It’s the perfect way to give a timeless vibe to all those pics you snapped on the road.

5. Design Custom-Printed Ceramic Tiles: To create something a little more permanent, you can use Image Snap to make custom-printed tiles as magnets or as wall pieces for your home. We also think it’s a nice gift idea.

6. Say Hi with Pop-Up Cards: Want to send a thank you note to your friend’s mom’s brother-in-law who let you stay at his place when your car broke down in Arkansas? No better way to say thank you than with a still-charming-as-ever pop-up card.

7. Collaborate on Photo Albums: If you want to make sure you get all the photos taken by your partners in crime, be sure to download Albumatic, hands down our favorite group photo sharing app.

8. Turn Photos into Scratch-Off Cards: Did you know that all you need is acrylic paint and soap to turn any glossy photo into a scratch-off card? Cause we sure didn’t, till we took a look at this! It’s really easy and such a great way to send a photo to an old friend.

9. Make Stop Motion Movies: While you’re traveling, be sure to stock up on the best camera apps for your smartphone. Our most recent find is Fast Camera, an app that takes tons of photos in a row, making it easy to create your own stop motion movie right from your own phone.

10. Create a Virtual Vintage Viewfinder: And last, if you can’t swing the actual ViewMaster, you can always create a virtual one. Retrollect lets you collect images into a ViewFinder-inspired disc that you can share with friends. When you view each image, it looks just like an old school View-Finder! So cool. Can you tell we love anything to do with ViewMaster?

What are your favorite ways to trick out photos from your travels? Talk to us in the comments below.